Shower Meditation of Fleeting Accomplishment

I would like to meditate.  I love my Jesus and I pray kind of all the time, but meditation sounds like a step farther.  I pray on the fly and rarely hit my knees or sit and fully focus on my thoughts, my words, my God.  


Where you sit and only focus on one thing.  



(Mamas?  Do you hear that?)

I tried it a week ago or so.  With my daughter Portia who already knows to use yoga breathing to settle herself down from a tantrum.  We sat together for a few minutes.  Not true meditation, but close enough to refresh me.  

Then again today. This morning in the shower.  After a morning of fleeting accomplishment:  

5:15 AM spin class with friend Lindsey: sweat and good conversation. (What? Are we supposed to listen to our instructor?)

Refilled bird feeders for our viewing enjoyment.

Walked our poor red headed stepchild of a dog, Steve.  (He didn't have a chance once we had kids, did he?)

My husband left out a clean folded towel for me. What a treat!  Like a spa pool boy, but all mine!

Entering the shower, doing all the shower things.  Breathing in, breathing out with nothing to think of worry or about for just that time.   I felt healthy, and solid, and accomplished.  

Pretty nice mediation for six thirty in the morning, yes?

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