M.O.M. Giveaway: Peace, Sanity & Organization FOR REAL MAMAS!

I like to think I am fairly organized, but most days my desk looks like this.

And when I say my desk, I mean our family desk, originally purchased by my Beloved for his office, a large manly room where all of the pieces fit.  Now squashed and disjointed in it's manly loveliness into what I think is supposed to be a breakfast nook.

I am not a particularly clean person;  anyone who has developed a dog hair infested posterior from sitting in "The Wrong" (ie: not vacuumed that week day) chair or couch at my house can attest.  I do need things to be tidy and neat.  I don't dust my baseboards, but most days you can walk in unannounced and but for toys skittered here and there in one or two rooms, it is probably tidy.

Tidy or not,  I know I am disorganized.  I love the Fly Lady systems but I only follow them loosely.  I would rather stab myself in the eye with a spoon than make up some household binder with my daily and weekly routines in it.  So I am probably missing out on some of the purple magic.  What I do use is awesome though.

In my blog hops and internet wanderings I found a great site called Power of Moms.  They didn't get my full attention until I found this in my inbox:

Are there too many worries swirling in your head?

Ummm YES!

I am not much of a worrier, but like most Mamas I ALWAYS feel behind, like I am forgetting something, like I am not doing enough.

So I read on:

If you haven't yet explored our Mind Organization for Moms program, now is the time.  It's designed to take all those worries out of your head and into a trusted system that can support you in your deliberate motherhood.

They had a VERY cool "Mind Sweep" exercise in the email too you can find here.  

If you feel MUCH better afterwards, You definitely want to check out the Mind Organization for Moms program they offer.  

The M.O.M. program is only $40 and well worth it to get the clutter out of your brain and into a manageable system.  It is based on David Allen's fabu book "Getting Things Done" which you may have heard me talk about in my speaking gig "Life (with toddler) Rules".

Here is a link to the Mind Organization for Moms information page.  You will see they offer a lot of the information for free, so even if you cannot afford to invest in yourself and your peace of mind right now(oops, my salesperson is showing!) you can still use the system.  BUT the juicy details and extra support is in the paid program.

Here is part of my letter to them when I asked to review the "Mind Organization for Moms" program:

This sounds very exciting for me, I quote David Allen when I speak for parenting groups on my "Life (with toddler) Rules"!  

...I am pretty strained and scattered and need to improve some things.  

I have two little girls under three and even though I get up at five a.m. to make time to write or exercise and still miss lots of 'to dos'.  I need an extra day in the week. Or a wife.

NOTE:  the one year old is pulling on a flabby roll of my stomach as I write this to get my attention; please take pity and pick me! pick me!


They totally pitied me and picked me to try the program, review it, and give one away to you!  

If you can relate to my sad plea and would like a chance to WIN A FREE M.O.M. program from Power of Moms, comment below on why you need to get organized, what is most difficult about organization and anything else you might need to vent about.  (Like a toddler grabbing your belly fat roll in earnest while you enjoy "You time" on the computer.) I will pick a winner from all comments by Wednesday April 25th.

I have been working through the program this week and will have some pictures to share.  Check back Friday to see my before and afters and  how it went for a real life mama with aforementioned fat grabbing toddler obstacles.

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