M.O.M. Giveaway: Before & After Pictures of Peace, Sanity & Organization FOR REAL MAMAS!

Mind Organization for Moms AKA M.O.M.

I wrote about the current giveaway of an organizing program Mind Organization for Moms or M.O.M. in my blog earlier this week.  I am totally into the Power of Moms website and all it offers us "deliberate" (or in my case haphazard!) Mamas.

Amid the clutter and chaos of a Friday afternoon, I went to my Power of Moms account and opened up the Mind Organization for Moms program.  I was tired and couldn't do much but read, so I thought it was a good time to start the program.  When I first started in I piously ignored the "PRINT ME" file.  Not one to kill trees willy nilly I jsut read on.  I foolishly didn't even read the file.

I went on to the overview video and I was already overwhelmed by the visual clutter of this picture:

HUH? It wasn't until I looked at it several times and had read through the basics a few times that it started to make sense to me.  I would rather see a file outline/breakdown fo exactly what I need and what it should look like.  You know.  For us dummies.

Today is Thursday.  I have my (HUSBAND'S) label maker out and have just labeled the slots where my labeled folders go.  It feels a bit redundant but this way I know everyone(my Husband)  knows where everything should go.
HUGE Inbox
I went through my HUGE 'inbox' of randomly piled oh so important debris AKA "The PILE" at most of our houses.

In Process towards M.O.M.

It felt SO GOOD to put things where they "should go"....and to know I can find them again later without excavating like I am on an archeology dig.  I still haven't set up my sheet with a list of current projects and/or the next important action to get them accomplished, but I feel really good and definitely less stressed.  AMAZING!  I do not think I realized how much clutter was in my noggin.

I do have a few "HUH?" piles I will contact them about:  What to do with my sentimental stuff like pictures, special cards, race bibs etc. (put them in banker's boxes per kid/topic and sort regularly) What to do with the currently large pile of info to add to my address book,(a project folder for updating address book: brilliant!) the feng shui stuff I want to work through ( I have a feeling that will be a project file/cubby)

Huh Pile!
NOTE:  I already wish I had cubbies instead of file in file boxes.  Some things would be more physically accessible to just pull out like PK's homework  or to shove the feng shui stuff into a cubbie instead of creating a new (and lazily handwritten) file for it.  I followed one of the set up examples who also did not want the visual clutter of cubbies....but now I see how it would work better.  Maybe I will set up a few for super current stuff?

Here are my two file boxes in lieu of the "cubbies":

Here is my TA-DA!

After M.O.M.!
Dark picture but gorgeously simplified!

The file boxes aka Cubbies are on the middle shelf on the right.  Project info goes into them.  When my hubby wants his own box, you bet I will pick out a nice pretty one for him.

These are the action folders, tickler file, weekly review  and goals folders.  The 'discuss' folder also lives here.  Now stuff isn't in some huge pile....wonder of wonders.

Precious cabinet real estate squandered!
Check out that usable cabinet: location location location!
Except for the huge inbox (which is mostly gone now) it is so much neater.  A good friend who came over for playgroup exclaimed over how my office area looked and she hadn't read my blog  and I hadn't told her about my work this week!  She did know me well enough to know my office NEVER looks like this.

I still need to set up my home management notebook and a lot of the system...but even if I only did what I have done thus far....AMAZING.  I am thrilled.  
When I giddily showed my Mother In Love my new set up she prodded my father in law right over to look and listen!   It seems I am not the only one who needs to organize my office space! 

I hope this has been helpful to you, and that you check out the Mind Organization for Moms program at Power of Moms website!  Even if you do not win the materials here Wednesday, it is a great investment in your Mama Sanity!

Share your organizational drama and why YOU want to win a free Mind Organization for Moms program below in the comments.  I will pick a random winner (could be you!!!!) Wednesday April 25th.

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