Mind Organization for Moms Program WINNER!

It has been a two weeks since I started the Power of Moms "Mind Organization for Moms" M.O.M. program, flipping through the pages and eyeing my ridiculous desk.  I found older pictures of BEFORE.


So far it is really working for me.

Ya know what I did yesterday?

  • purged and organized my one year old's horrific closet
  • washed two loads of laundry (you are silly if you think I folded em too...) 
  • baked oatmeal bars
  • cooked a pot of beans for the week
  • made stuffed head cabbage
  • weeded two large wildflower beds
  • prepared our small veggie garden bed by weeding, enlarging, turning the soil (crappiest soil ever...no wonder our haul last year was dismal) amended the soil with our veryowncompost (see?  It IS NOT a waste to throw away organic veggies you forgot to eat that rotted in the crisper!) 
  • Swept and wiped down my cute little front porch
  • did a monkey face craft with the girls
  • tickle fight with the girls
  • read some blogs 
  • organized two photo books I am buying through SNAPFISH photo books who is the sponsor of Listen to Your Mother Show this year! 
TA DA!!!!

To be honest, I do often have super productive like this no matter my organization level, but feeling on top if things sure helps.  I feel like I have more energy, less stress....AWESOME!  I also think I am more motivated because I have an active 'to do' list I prioritized.

You know what else happened yesterday?  My darling husband John shared that his work inbox was down from over 900 emails to ZERO in his inbox.  He is the one who first shared David Allen's book "Getting Things Done" and as I worked through my Mama Size version of the process it inspired him to do it at work too!  YEAH!

I was so stoked over that, both for the compliment from my man and the impact my changes have had on both of us, I let him pick our GIVEAWAY WINNER!



Congratulations Kate P.!  
She said 
"I have never needed something as   much as I need this!" 

You are the winner of the Mind Organization for Moms program. CONGRATS on your future adventure in organizing THE PILE and everything else.  Please email me and then you will be contacted by Power of Moms website Babes and get set up.  

If you do not already have a Power of Moms account, you can set that up for free here.  If you would like to learn more about Power of Moms read here.

I would love to hear from you all on your organizing journey.  I would DOUBLE LOVE to see before and after pictures.  The gals on the site are available to help and answer questions as you go through...and I am also here.  

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