Bodacious Blog of the Week: Joy the Baker!

My surly friend Laura sends me things about things.  Mostly these days blogs, because she wants to encourage my blogging.  I feel so loved & cared for by her because of this.  THANKS BABE!

This week she sent me this link from Joy the Baker blog either to encourage me further, because I have not been writing as much (my pesky kids need me!) or maybe my posts are stale and boring?  Whatever her motivation, I LOVED THE POST.  And the others I read as I rabbit trailed through this fun blog.  Oh yeah, and she is a published author too, so there.  

Spend some time today over at "Joy the Baker" blog and tell her Heather sent you.  Not that it matters, but that felt kinda folksy to say.

I would love to hear what YOU think about this blog.  

Comments mean you care.  


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