Tiny Red Kitchen: "The Husband Cooks" Rachel Ray's Flank Steak & Blue Cheese Biscuits

One night my Husband made dinner.

Oh. My.  Lord.


We eat vegetarian about half the time, but we LOOOVE us some dead animal too.  S'pecially me.  STEAK.  OH!

NOTE:  One of my favorite dates was when we were still dating and we picked a few recipes out of our cookbooks and went to the store for the ingredients and came home to cook it all.  It was so fun and unique and the food choices were adventurous;  Carne Asada recipe like this, and a Moroccan Orange and Olive salad like this.  I go right back to that night every time we are both in the kitchen hip to hip (not in a romantic manner, just because our kitchen is small.  VERY small.  One might call it tiny.  And Red.  Like, The Tiny Red Kitchen.....) and it makes me so very happy.


He made Rachel Ray's Flank Steak with Blue Cheese Biscuits recipe.  Actually I made the biscuits from scratch instead of a box...and learned a fascinating fact:  You want to cut your biscuits gently or else you pinch the dough and keep it from rising!


Lookit how gorgeous.

Well, since my pics are all from my phone I guess the gorgeous only slightly comes through.  Huh.

I just love it when he cooks.  First off he is a great cook, and Second off even though I love to cook in my tiny red kitchen, I still enjoy the occasional night off.  It is also kind of romantic, my man cooking for me and a couple of other girls.  I can never be sure how he will do things and I am old enough to know I better not even THINK of trying to tell him how I would do things if I were him.  Because I am definitely not him.  So I just relax and enjoy the surprise of his subtle twist on things.  And when the steak is delightfully medium rare, JUST LIKE I LOVE IT!  I am happier still because I know I would have overdone the meat.  If I were him cooking it.

And now that I blogged it, sure wish I could have gotten a picture of him in the Betty Crocker ruffled apron.  And I wished I got him to wear an apron that was ruffled.  THAT would be a better post, friends!  Here he is babywearing in the kitchen....LOVE IT!

Does your hubs/beau/random stranger who moved in cook?   Is it better or worse than your efforts?


Pearliegirl said...
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John Monte Novak said...

Thanks, Honey

Mynewfavoriteday said...

Yummy Heather, they sound delicious and yay for you and your hubs that he is cooking.  My hubby does cook quite often and is a very good cook and it is so nice when he does.  The picture in the ruffle apron would be quite classic, I hope you will get a shot of that next time!

Heather Novak said...

You know, I thought I deleted this comment!  BLEAH!  Laura, yes, backhair makes for a pretty awesome man, whodathunkit?

Heather Novak said...

Well Honey, that meal was AWESOME and you are the best husband I have ever had.

Heather Novak said...

I know!  I doubt if I could get him into an apron like that.  *sigh*  Glad your hubby cooks too.  I enjoyed your blog today!