Tiny Red Kitchen: Free Five Minute Kitchen Makeover

Yup, that is right, I am sharing how you can get a free kitchen makeover in five minutes.  This is something I share during my "Life Rules" parenting talk and I thought today would be a great time to reveal it here:   SHINE YOUR SINK.



It makes a huge difference if you have a small kitchen, but you folks with the cooking show-esque cantinas will enjoy the difference too.  Maybe it is just me, but this is nasty looking.  (And it is just water spots.)

But then check this shot out:
All I did was shine my sink. YEAH.

OK you are right, maybe I don't get out much and maybe in this season of life I get an odd amount of personal satisfaction from creating an inviting home environment.  (On the days when I am not hiding from my kids in the basement laundry piles. Or the days when it looks like the couch threw up a toy store in the living room.)  But this is where I am and I know I am not the only person who will dig the results. 

You have to empty the sink and the dishwasher anyway, so just do it.  If you cannot afford a maid do this yourself and for yourself. Stop procrastinating and just do the little things NOW.

Here is how you too can have a free five minute kitchen makeover:

  1. Wash dirty dishes ASAP
  2. Put them away ASAP  
  3. Empty the dishwasher ASAP
  4. Shine your now empty kitchen sink till it gleams
    1. Wash it thoroughly & scrape scuzz from cracks and crevices
    2. Dry it with a dishtowel
    3. Wipe it down with mineral or baby oil to repel drips and spotting
    4. Dry it out after each use to keep it fabulous all week

I learned about this from the FABULOUS Fly Lady website, check out all the other simple and sanity saving tips she throws around.

Send me YOUR before and afters....would love to see them and hear what you think.

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