FASTING: Sugar Free for 40ish Days? YEAH. WHATEVER.

My deepest apologies to those of you who were inspired by my sugar fast.  I failed BIGTIME.  And somehow have managed to 'forget' to post about it.  For weeks.

I feel pretty lame about it, but if I have a few M&M's the feeling is quickly replaced by the euphoria I get from the evil white stuff.

Even though I failed this time, I will continue to limit sugar and take fasts from it.  I just won't try 40 days, because let's be clear, I am NOT Jesus.  Not. Even. Close.

For those of you who DO exercise self control, here are a few links to fuel your break up with the white stuff:

Free site I adore Spark People has a great article on avoiding Sugar Cravings!

One of my favorite blogs Simple Organic has a sugar detox diary you can enjoy here.

And In The Powder Room blog has "Which Came First, the Depression or the Muffin Top?" post.


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