I Used to Iron Napkins, But Martha Stewart Has Left the Building!

My husband and sat together on our sunny porch the other afternoon while the tots napped.  He had brought me a glass of lemon water to rouse me from my cozy outdoors "Spring-like-weather-but-snow-will -probably-come-one-more-time" nap.  We sat on our porch swing and visited and held hands.

He asked a question I am certain many parents have asked their fellow parent: "Do you remember what it was like when we first got married?  Like...before the kids came along?"

Before I had kids, I ironed my cloth napkins.

And enjoyed it.

(I know....)

I never ironed clothes happily, but my napkins...oh!  Every day every meal since I was a child there were cloth napkins on the table.  This was one of the things I took from my early years and intentionally applied to my *ahem* older years.  Cloth napkins.  Such a luxury and yet practical.  Beautiful.  Elegant.  Most guests I have had to a meal at my house have remarked on them.

I nodded to myself when reading The Daily Connoisseur Blog by Jennifer Scott. She offers AWESOME ideas on how to add elegance and sophistication to the smallest details of your life, often at no cost!  She mentioned a table cloth every day, and even with my two littles I often throw one on our dinner table after reading her article.  Even though I know it might not last one meal.  We have a nice washing machine, after all!

So I throw caution to the wind for my tablecloth, and we all, even the three year old, use cloth napkins.


They are not ironed!  Now that I have a week's worth of clothing, mess, dishes and debris for four people to contend with, ironing a few napkins seems ridiculous.

But they are still on my table, Martha, they are still on my table.  Maybe I should fold them at least?

Yes Honey, I remember life before our two girls:  It was easier, we could be more selfish, full place settings were on the table and the napkins were ironed.  But you know, there was a lot less love, less laughter, and fewer reasons to use those napkins...way back then.

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