FASTING: Sugar Free Day 10 Confessions and Substitutions

(February 28th marks day 10 of my sugar fast.)

My first order of business is to CONFESS:  I have had some "overt" sugar.  Nothing I got all WHEEEEE! about, but sugar nonetheless.  I figure talking this out RIGHT NOW will help me not attack the cookies in the basement RIGHT NOW.  (That was my thighs yelling.)

I have had that Granola Girl Granola.  I justify it as it is cereal, is worthy of confess-ability.  (Not a word, but I like it so there.)

I had a coffee cake like confection at playgroup...buuuut Nicole did beseech as she rarely bakes and who am I not to encourage a girl?  LOL.  It was sweet and yummy but not in the same league as chocolate cake or thirty four chocolate chip cookies.  Or a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

So I still feel good and satisfied about my fast.  I'm still struggling not to reward myself with every single one of Portia's potty award M&Ms.....I mean I do go on the potty  every time, folks.  I still hear the sweet siren call of those "darn" thin Mints and Samoa cookies in the freezer.  (Maybe I will tell my family that is why so little laundry is done this week:  TOo tempted by cookies to go into the basement at all.)

I never did plan to omit all sugar, just overt or obvious sugar.  I still eat honey and even a justifying idiot professional like me knows that is still sugar.  But there are actually all kinds of good for you debris in honey, so maybe it is always a step above over-processed white death.

Here are some substitutions I am making for my sugar cravings.  And yeah, some fruit,  You healthy do gooders.  I am substituting some fruit and no IT IS NOT just like dessert.
  • Mixing plain nonfat yogurt with fruit preserves or granola.  In lieu of cake or icecream or suchthelike, this is pretty tasty.               
  • Roly Polys.  We called these nutty balls for eons and couldn't come up with a better less adult humor comical name.  Till now!  This is basically dried fruit of any kind and nuts of any kind worked in a food processor  until it clumps up and can be rolled into balls half the size of a golf ball.   My fav is dried cherries and almonds and unsweetened Hershey's Cocoa Powder.  WOW.  Of course the dried fruit has sugar in it, but for my intent and purposes it works. Plus they are good for you unless you eat the whole batch.  Then you will have all kinds of troubles I don't want to hear about.
  • Honey in tea or on toast really helps when I am about to do a whole lot more caloric sugar damage.
I know to a purist this isn't much of a sugar fast, but this is my deal and I am happy with it.
I am still denying myself and praying and struggling and watching with horror at how big of a deal my sweets are to me.  In a world where people do not have jobs, are sad or lonely, where people go hungry every this world I am still more consumed by my desire for sweets than my desire to do something altruistic and helpful. UGH.

Maybe I should try to raise money for a cause?  Like I won't eat sugar until I raise a certain amount of moolah for charity?  Hmmm.

Pretty sure I would just bust out our checkbook to cover the goal.

(Like NOW so I can eat the M&Ms.)

(And the Thin Mints.)

Oh. God.

Thank you for loving little ol miserable me.

OK, now is it sugar time?

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