Craftastic! Quick and Easy Easter Centerpiece and Spring Wreath

Every stinkin' time I walk into the Target store, I find stuff I never knew I needed.

Stuff I have to have.

Stuff I do not buy because we choose to live simply and debt free.  Apparently when you live like that you are not supposed to buy crap you do not truly need.

 I wish I did not still WANT the crap I do not need.

Now that I am a Mama, I suddenly have the desire to decorate for the seasons.  Do you know how many decorative seasons there are out there?  WHEW!  Going from zilch in the decoration department save for that high holy Christmas holiday...I feel I have lots of catching up to do.  When I walk through Target or Kohl's or my friend's houses I do not feel I have to keep up, I just see all the fabulousness and possibility.

I want to create wonder and magic for my two little girlies.

I want.  I want. WANT.


(Here is the Leprechaun beard craft Portia and I made last year.)

I skipped St. Patrick's Day decor (we will decorate for you next year, Little red headed leprechaun!) and grabbed Easter by it's little cotton tail.

Here is the Easter centerpiece I put together at Target today.

I put the felt eggs back at first, thinking I could do some kind of decoupage and make my own.  Then I remembered that most of my imagined crafts end up looking like a four year old did them and I just bought the wretched little things.  Ta Da!

Then I saw this wreath I liked and thought....ten bucks?  I can do better...right?  I headed to Michael's on a date night with myself and girded up with supplies.  I have never made a real wreath before, but I liked the way this all looked together.

THEN I caught some whimsy and instead of the feather bird replaced it with...PEEPS for my witty efforts.

Though it cost about $30 to make this instead of $10 for the wood egg wreath made in God Knows Where, I am pleased.  I stretched myself creatively and had fun to boot!

Watch out St Patricks' Day.....I am coming for you next year!

How bout you?  Ever made a wreath?  How did you do it and what pros/cons did you uncover? (Do you have a picture of it?)  I would love to see your ideas.

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