Craftastic! Dirty or Clean Dishwasher Girl Sign

My coworker and friend Gloria (at my last job threeish years ago!) made me a most precious gift:  

A FUNNY Dirty or Clean sign for my Dishwasher.  After five years and a million grubby kid paws all over it, she was the worse for wear.

Notice the shoulder?  Looks like a shark got at her huh?   More like a two year old.  This sign is like a toddler magnet and EVERYSTINKINTIME they pull some part of her off.  Notice the replaced head? The re-glued arm?  Youdathunk I spent a hunnerd dollers on the thing, the way I keep patching her together again.

And on the one side she is actually headless! And one armed.  *sigh*  At long last I decided to put her down this week.  She went to the round canister in the kitchen from whence nothing returns.

And I missed her.  Too much.

So I tried to make a new one.  I saw online somewhere this style with the fabric dress that flips up...I so wish I knew where so I could credit her with a thousand kisses at her feet for wit and naughtiness.  Here is my low tech cardboard version.

I LOVED it!  I also decided at once it was supposed to go to a new and dear blogger friend who uses the word for feminine nether region in almost every post....know who?  I just adore her and the freedom she gives all of us by saying the things we "shouldn't" for us!  I have wanted to create something appropriately it is!

Lucky for me, when I told my friend Gloria about the demise of my Dishwasher Girl, she said she would make me a new one!

Considering the fact that my urchins will likely manhandle and behead this one too, I figure hers made from foam has more of a chance than my fancied carboard number.

I cannot offer any directions is all cardboard and acrylic paint.  I had fabric I glued with craft tape and I superglued a couple of magnets behind her head and in her skirt to get the flip up to work.  The rest is up to you, Creative Team!

I would LOVE to see what you come up with.

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