Tiny Red Kitchen: Snickerdoodle Cookies

My Mom made snickerdoodles when I was little, and since she died when I was thirteen I can get kinda sentimental about them!  I think these were my chocolate chip cookie of my youth and beginning baking efforts.  I still laugh about a time a good friend baked me the most SUCCULENT batch  of snickerdoodle cookies for my birthday, but was not forthcoming with a recipe.  It might have been a year later she confessed they were from a tub in the frozen aisle of our local Martin's Grocery Store!  I was just happy to be able to recreate them.

Fast forward ten years and I hit the kitchen to make up a batch of Snickerdoodles! (I just love saying the name!)
I found a great recipe in The Farm Journal Country Cookbook.  I usually search for ideas online but at times thumbing through a well worn cookbook offers much more aesthetic satisfaction.

Here is my assistant Portia!

All went well with the mixing and baking and tasteing EXCEPT for the klingon babygirl.  That is my apron she is leaning against.  I am a big apron girl.  That is not a stove she is wall walking with, just a harmless dishwasher.

Here are our gorgeez num nums.  Note the small babe scootching on her bum in the background!

Lots of folks did these cookies, read more interesting accounts here, and here.
If you want the recipe comment and I will repost it up here.

What is your first food creating memory?


Deb Arney said...

Pancakes! I learned how to be the best pancake assistant when I was in second grade. Not the box kind either. Real live scratch made pancakes. As I got older and lives got busier they turned into the box variety but I do fondly remember standing on my little stool next to my Dad as he made pancakes. I don't remember how to make them now and I can't eat them anymore so I'm going to do the research but those were some GREAT Sunday mornings!

Heather Novak said...

Oh Deb, what a precious memory!  I am same with my Dad and waffles.  Our waffle maker from our wedding meant married life to me for some reason and still does!