Tiny Red Kitchen: Is Your Cart Fulla Potty Training Junk Food?

Oh, yes.  My lesser parenting moments usually circle about poop in someone's pants other than the baby's.  Toddler toilet training/begging/yelling/bribing/cajoling and such the like is a HOT TOPIC for many reasons.  The most important one being you just cannot force someone to go potty on command.

Of course you can BRIBE somebody by withholding Sesame Street, etc.


So mainly out of aggravation from the above mentioned occurrence we are attempted Potty Training Booty Camp.  Mostly because we expected to get snowed in and my hubs would be home to referee our baby away from the training arena.  And because it required junk food.

MASS amounts of junk food.

As I let Portia pick out items that have never before made it into our home, I was happy to see this face.

Whitney is a great friend and neighbor who looked in to my cart.

And laughed.  Later in line as I explained my cart full of crapola food to the checker Whitney laughed again.  It is OK, she understood my need to explain the purchase.  Even if she did laugh at my expense.

The deal is the kid can eat and drink as much junk as they want which facilitates....uh...the reason for training.  Since we are hanging out in one toyless bookless room ALL DAY there oughta be some perk, right?

I do not mind the poundage I could put on, as long as PK's poundage finally makes it into the toilet bowl basket.  Prayers appreciated.  And no, you cannot stop by for some junk food!

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