My New Girlfriend, Blanca! (AKA Shark Navigator Vacuum Gorgeousness)

Oh Yeah, this happily married mama to two had a girlfriend.  She makes me deliriously happy.  I have often joked that I need a wife to run our house for me.  Well...I got one!  Here we are:

NOTE lifted leg indicative of romantic delight!

OH. YEAH.  The Shark Navigator "Lift Away" is my new gal pal, girlfriend and wife all in one.  I asked my littles what we should name the new addition to our household and Portia said "White Vacum".  Not being one to go with such a dull moniker, I dubbed her "Blanca".

If you are already beginning to wonder if my life is so dull that I am excited enough about a VACUM CLEANER to take a PICTURE of it...well this won't get any better so go read something else more interesting.  And I did not get any compensation for writing a word of this, unfortunately.  Maybe Shark will offer to donate a vacuum to give away?  Let's see y'all comment and I will share the Shark Love with their twitter etc.

So I had just vacuumed our living room area rug and with the old vacuum but it was seriously acting up.  My Beloved Husband once again messed with it and declared it broken down and replaceable.  At long last.




I have wanted to break up with my current Eureka Vacuum cleaner with it's Replace all the time for $20 bucks a pop Hepa Filters for about two years.  When I was pregnant and on bed rest even my cleaning lady friend said it was ridiculously heavy and needed to go. NOTE:  If you are blessed to have a cleaning lady (or man, not to be sexist here) even if only three times in your life and they criticize your tools....LISTEN!

About a year ago I polled my playgroup on what vacuums they used(we had lots of other interesting conversations too! Plus we drank champagne.  SO there.)  Every single one of them had a Dyson.  We live in a pretty swanky town and so this wan't a big surprise.

If you are unfamiliar, the Dyson Vacuums cost about the same as a college education.  Or $500, but my math has never been awesome.  Since we live simply and have seven scatter and area rugs over hardwood I was pretty sure we werent' going to dole out that sort of jack for our new vacuum.

My friend Lori who did have a Dyson revealed that she also had a Shark Navigator vacuum, which she liked better than her Dyson!  I was  all ears.  She said it was lighter, nimbler, didn't need replacement filters and she could vacuum her carpeted stairs with the extension hose & wand.  It also had a switch to change from the spin brush on carpet to a setting for hard floors instead.  LOVE.  Oh yeah, and it was only about $180 vs. $500.  Being the nerd that I was and needing a thrill that day, I asked Lori if I could USE her vacuum.

That is right.  I got wild and crazy and vacuumed that woman's house.  I am not sure who was most amused.  I did end up being the only one to leave that playgroup last year.  But.   She still calls and likes me so I think she appreciates my kind of crazy.

Now about this I did also borrow a friends Ergo Rapido cordless stick vacuum.  I am realizing how weird I truly am here.  I loved the simple ease of the cordless feature.  It was WAY quieter and stronger than my detested Dirt Devil stick broom. That thing sounded like a jet engine.  The Ergo also had a detachable dust buster so for a house with two little bitties and a great big dog it was ideal.  We bought that right away to replace the dirt devil and the Black and Decker dustbuster.  AWESOME simplifying.

I still wanted the Shark.

One year later I FINALLY GOT IT.  See, we live debt free ala Dave Ramsey so even thought the cost wasn't 'much' it was something we budgeted for and did not buy with a credit card.  Oh yeah, and my hubby likes to wear things out instead of throwing out something "perfectly good" (definition is VERY relative.) so we had to wait until I could craftily sabotage our old vacuum stopped working to feel good about replacing it.

Cue this fine image:

When I started out this amazingly detailed post about Blanca, I said I had JUST vacuumed the carpet with the old vacuum.  I knew it wasn't working well, but when Blanca's dustbin was THIS FULL(over half full) I had only vacuumed 1/2 of the carpet.  It is an 8x10 rug.  I FILLED A DUSTCUP with dirt and dog hair  on only half of a previously vacuumed rug.  We were GROSSED OUT.  My sweet hubs actually apologized for not getting our new Shark Navigator sooner.  I immediately proceeded to vacuum the rest of the house.  And our window blinds. And our ceiling fans.   I tried out the pet hair extensions.  And the floor dusting extension.  Did I mention this was a Sunday night?

I need to get out more.  Maybe I will take Blanca with me.

What about you guys?  Vacuum heaven, troubles, advice or envy?  Please share your sucky adventures in the comments below!


lori said...

Oh how you crack me up! It's the little things in life that bring such joy! A full dust cup is tangible evidence of work well done!! :) I hope Blanca treats you well and lasts a long, long time!! and by the way--you can vacuum, or mop, or dust my house anytime! :)

Angel Schwartz said...

I'm with Lori, I have tons of pet hair just waiting for the vacuum fairy to visit!! As soon as this vacuum goes I will keep the shark in mind.

Nancy said...

You are hilarious and since I am the "girlfriend guru" I am all about this funny article - Who doesn't want a wife and girlfriend all in one!  You got it and that is WAY AWESOME my friend.  Since I don't own a vacuum cleaner and my kids are all grown up and I live a nomadic lifestyle I have to settle with whatever vaccuum they have at the places I I'm on top of things - never heard of Dyson and WELCOME Blanca to the Mutual Admiration Society....I can relate for I once was very domesticated and owned a Rainbow Vacumm (boy was I the CATS MEOW) I can't even imagine how I was talked about in the neighborhood....
Cheers and know that the Bubbly helps in any conversations - especially about Vacumms....

Heather Novak said...

Nomadic sounds appealing while in the season of life I am in!  Nice to know my domestic diva crazy has twins....THANK YOU Nancy!

Heather Novak said...

Oh it is crazy how much hair was still there.  and a bit gross.  Don't hold your breath over there Darlin'!

Heather Novak said...

Yes Ma'am and without you, well *sniff* there may not be a Blanca in this house.  Thanks for completing our family for us Lori!

Meg said...

So jealous. Blanca is just beautiful!

Heather Novak said...

T'anks Meg.  Even the normal Shark would be awesome.  So there!

Katie said...

I love my Dyson Animal to death. My mom bought a Kenmore a few years ago because "consumer reports rates it higher than a Dyson" That thing is awful. And heavy as all get out. And horrible to switch between hose and floor. When we bought our house we have carpet everywhere. And at the time three cats and a Golden Retriever. Hair galore. Yuck. My animal has the button to tum off the beater but I usually use the hose with the low reach floor tool. Works great on tile, laminate, and utility carpet. I had another friend that had a cheap dirt devil stick vac type too. They are by far the loudest vacuums ever. No wonder her kids were afraid of the thing it was indeed like a jet taking off in the house. Dyson for life.

Shark Vacuum said...

ark Navigator "Lift Away" is my new gal pal, girlfriend and wife all in one. I asked my littles what we should name the new addition to our household and ...