H2O Nail Spa in Valparaiso: Pedicure Heaven!

Every six months time when I get a pedicure I swear it is worth the cost to do more often.  Annnnnnd then six months go by, I get another one for the summer or my birthday and swear all over again I will come more often.  I have 'been going' (twice) to Diamond Nail Spa by Target, which is AMAZING when it comes to Ken for nails and their massage chairs.  The Alexa Chairs massage so well!   Not just your whole back but your gluteus maximus too!  I seriously asked if I could just pay ten bucks to sit in the chair for thirty minutes.

Then a little place opened up right downtown which means I do not need to use a car to get there.  I was THRILLED to get that raved about pedicure money for Valentine's Day.  I lured asked a dear pal to watch my kidlets one afternoon so I could go for some much needed pampering.  (NOTE:  My heels were so dry and nasty despite daily application of quality moisturizer that I snagged our new silky sheets!)

H20 was like a typical nail salon, but brand new.  And this was the only line of magazines available.  I was so bummed about that I will probably bring my old World Vision and Good Housekeeping mags right on over.  (You are welcome, H20!  Us mamas want to veg out with mags we would never buy, thank you very much.  It is SO REFRESHING to read a magazine for more than three minutes hunkered down in the bathroom.  With someone pounding on the door the whole time.)

I was mortified they only had one pedicure for $25, the rest (six of them) were all $45 each!  I don't spend more than twenty bucks on a shirt I wear every week...so the only way I got that much of a splurge was their grand opening 20% which brought it with tip under $40.  But.  Then.  I. Saw. THIS.


I chose the "Sun Kissed" citrus pedicure and realized this would be a blog post when I saw the prettiest set up ever.  It says the fragrances are all essential oils and I kind of wanted to verify that by reading a label but didn't feel like being obnoxious.  And I was happy either way, but pure essential oils instead of chemical scents would be a HUGE plus.  The pedicure was just great.  Especially when she hit me with the foot cheese grater I love and need so dearly.  Look at that wonderful nastiness.  OOH!

I always try to choose a color I do not own, ie: not in the mauve or starlet red family.  I picked out a vunderbar OPI coral that I will probably go back & buy when they have it in quick dry polish.  Right.

So I didn't plan well and had to kind of rush out of there.  This is the latest look on the street.

Save your pennies and get to H2O nail spa while they have the grand opening deals....tell them the girl who hates their magazine and loves their aesthetic presentation sent ya!


JBreck95 said...

Scott got me a pedi Gift Certificate for there....Guess I need to get in there and use it!  Thanks for the helpful info.

Anonymous said...

It is really worth the time and money..I am not a "phoo' "phoo" kind of gal, but give me a mani and pedi and I am SSSSSOOOOOOOO happy! I love the family atmosphere there with just enough posh to make it feel classy. My friend just asked me how much they charge and I underestimated..maybe there are a few more discounts with the grand opening and getting a mani and pedi together. This is so much better than just hopping into the places on the outskirts of the big box stores..combine your trip with a stop at the cupcake bakery with a coffee and it is as if you had a mini vacation. Beisides..we need to stimulate the economy so start with our beautiful dwontow..moms get the dad to take the kids to the sprinklers and for some ice cream while you enjoy luxury.