FASTING: Sugar Free for 30 or 43ish Days? DAY THREE

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Fasting is abstaining from something, usually to focus more on thoughtful things.  Or to make your rump less rumpier.

I told my husband I was planning to go sugar free for thirty days and he helpfully suggested I do it for Lent, for 40 days.  I started Sunday because that was when I felt passionate and motivated.  Thus the 30 or 43ish days part.  I don't like to follow rules much I guess.

Yeah, I wasn't sure if I would post about this.

I thought:  Who cares about you and your sugar addiction issues Heather?  Who cares that some days you most definitely love something sugary more than you love Jesus? And that you can talk more about the food than about anything that Matters?  No one, that is who.


Maybe if I share about the struggle someone else will say :  YEAH!  Me TOO!
And maybe their step will be a little lighter and their mouth a little emptier because I shared my mess out loud.

I eat a lot of sweets.  Like three or four desserts a day on average.  Once I have one bite....ol Lordy I want to gobble MORE.  I am not particularly noticeably overweight but I should be.  I could be.  And I do not like this out of control part of my life being in my life.  I feel weak and since it is completely in my own control  I feel even worse about it.

I will be sharing  some of the highlights of my food journey I think you might be able to use.  If you care that somedays I love sugary things more than I love myself.  And I am pretty happy with who I am.  I just want to be....unsweetened.

Et tu?  Got any foodie issues you would like to fast from for a while?

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Dawn Dreher Green said...

Thank you for sharing! As a family we have given up restaurants/fast food for Lent. NO problem for me. As a personal sacrifice I have given up desserts for Lent. Cookies, pie, candy, cake, cupcakes-you name it. Dessert is like crack cocaine to me. I am so glad somebody else is on this journey with me. I'll be praying for you.

P.S. I started looking into EFT for sugar cravings and saw there are even some YouTube videos on it. Might have to give it a try!

Tracey Becker said...

I think having food issues is the worst because we HAVE to EAT. I mean, if I were addicted to crack or something, it'd be an addiction I'd do in private, right? But I have to live around food every day. Or else I DIE. And that would suck. Not that I want a crack addiction. But nobody'd be offering me crack at the dinner table, either.

Heather Novak said...

Tracey, when I am trying to avoid sugar and someone did offer me crack at the dining table.....well....ANd that is the thing, we have to eat to sustain ourselves but few of us stop there.   Pleasure is so easily found in food.

Heather Novak said... meditative?  INTERESTING.  I truly appreciate the prayers.   That must be why I haven't hit the granola yet, your sweetness!