FASTING: Sugar Free Day FIVE: Wanna THIN MINTS ransack the THIN MINTS freezer with me?

I have just eaten a entire three serving bag of Pop Chips, not bad at 300 cal and 12 fat grams, but that was the beginning.  I had a frozen burrito, baked Cheetos and a cheese stick wrapped in a piece of honey ham.

What I WANT to be eating is the heavenly Granola Girl Granola I ordered last week before the sugar fast started.  It is mouth watering granola that I keep trying to justify is cereal, and during my sweets fast I allow Kashi cereal which is sweetened but not *WHEEEEEEEEEE* sugary.  The granola is VERY *WHEEEEE* for me, so I do not 'want' it.

I also want to bust open the THIN MINTS one and a half Girl Scout cookie packages THIN MINTS that are 'hidden' in the basement chest freezer.  I was just down there to switch the laundry and I found myself practically caressing the deep freeze.  Sad, huh?


Not as sad as ferociously ripping into the Thin Mint box and the Samosas box and eating them all while standing in the basement mad at myself for eating them all and not having the self control to say no for a few more days!  Not that sad.  Go me? (Thanks for you fine folks PRAYING for me. The shred of self control is from you!  Well from Ol Padnah.  Right?)

I hate that I think so much about sweets.   I hate that I cannot have a few little cookies and not want MORE.

I am going to go color my hair now.  One absolutely cannot eat cookies with stinky dripping red haircolor on.  And I am speaking tonight to encourage a group of mamas.  Won't I smile bigger and feel healthier as I stand before them still sugar free on day five?  I am made for more than this.  I am made to crave. Are You?


Dawn Dreher Green said...

 This blog is going to keep me going this Lenten season. I resisted the home-made lemon bars at Bible study this morning. Huge victory, especially when my friends were going back for seconds. Went home and ate some almonds.  Keep fighting the good fight Heather!

Heather Novak said...

LEMON BARS??? The gooey kind with powdered sugar on top.  Mmm.  I know those so well I just huffed some of the sugar up my nose imagining smelling them!  Well I will keep up the good fight jsut for you Dawn Green!  LOL.  Thanks for the encouragement, knowing this matter to you or helps you makes ALL the difference for me.  THANKS!