Epic Playdate Fail: An Ordinary Terrible Tale


Flushed cheeks, close to tears, I left my friend Whitney's house with a wailing one year old and a whining and frustrated three year old.  I was angry, mad, overwhelmed.

What I wanted to do was hide in a bathroom while someone else took care of the chaos that belonged to me and only me.  What I did was take my chaos and leave.

I left because that really was my only move.  Cookies we had brought to bake and decorate there stayed there.  Dishes and frosting in bowls left on the table practically spinning I left so fast.  The tension of Chaos One and Chaos Two made spasms creep up my back as I lugged child and diaper bag to the car while shepherding my eldest to the car.  Our  other friend Katherine left the room to give me space to make do.  (Or she couldn't watch the train wreck that became our afternoon so closely!) Whitney was upstairs nursing her sweet babygirl to the soundtrack of our Novak Family meltdown.

Nothing really had happened.

It was life as usual, just badly timed.

A baby teething, tired and beyond the optimal nap time.  A Mama eating a one handed lunch as I tried to keep both girls steady and safe, correct, feed, clean up after, rescue from a fall, check pants on day four of no diapers, serve and butter some cornbread in between.

I think there was beautifully made vegetable soup.

I think Katherine talked about an interesting way to make steak

The circus of children and my own shortcomings converged on Weston Street today.  It was an epic playdate fail.

Do you have one of your own?  I could use a good bad story right now!


Lonnilei said...

While I don't have my own, I've travelled with my brother and his family to watch my niece and nephew while their parents attended a conference.  On one of our trips, my nephew was only a few months old and quite accustomed to being fed within moments of announcing his need.  It was our last day, and the three of us had already been granted a late check-out from the hotel.  However, it was going to be another few hours until the conference ended, and it was nearly naptime.  So I tucked both kids into their carseats and headed for the interstate where I could drive without interruption so that they could both sleep.  I had managed to get in a good couple hours of driving (slowly, out-of-town and back) with sleeping kidlets, and I was feeling pretty good.  Then, as I was searching for a restaurant where we could wait for friends to drop off their parents (and where I could get some hot water to heat a bottle), the ravenous beast awoke.  The two year-old was willing to wait until we got into Panera Bread before she got a snack.  The baby was not so content.

I couldn't just leave them in the car while I went in for a muffin and some hot water, so I strapped the screaming baby to me, took the now-squirmy toddler by the hand and headed into Panera.

Riley screamed as we waited for the bottle of milk to warm up in the cup of hot water, and I'm sure that the entire building was convinced that I just needed to stop pinching the baby.  But I don't know if people were looking at us with disgust and horror or whether it might've been more sympathetic glances that came our direction--I never looked up.

While you were in the company of friends (who I'm sure understand meltdowns from little ones) and were able to get OUT, I had to take my screaming mess IN for a restaurant full of strangers to witness.  Hope my experience helps you feel a little better!!

John Novak said...

@1e463d9e779684a1a48548b0e61a465b we have a joke in our house when the baby is wailing.  The parent furthest away will yell to the closer parent to said baby, "stop pinching that baby!"

Nice entry love...now back to work.

Heather Novak said...

I don't pinch the baby much, Honey.

Heather Novak said...

OH MY YES!  That makes me feel oodles better Lonnelei, thank you!

Maggie said...

This sounds like our trip to the doctor's office this morning! My eldest likes to turn into the tazmanian devil whenever we visit this particular doc...she must think I'm a wretched mom! We all have those days.

Heather Novak said...

Oh it seemed SO MUCH WORSE out in public! Even among friends!

Meagan Frank said...

It has been a while since a playdate epic fail, but one of my top stories included a McDonald's playland, a 3-yr-old boy (mine), a mortified and crying little girl (my friend's), and the quick and furious exit. When the girl explained that she got to see my son's butt in the playland tunnel...I could think of nothing better to do than to leave....quickly and I could have cared less that it wasn't quietly. My son didn't quite get why he had to go back later to give her flowers and an apology note...but I felt better. :)  Hang in there!

BethCaron said...

I can't even remember how many playdates/public spaces I have had to exit because of toddler tantrums. And it was usually on the days when I needed the adult interaction the most!  

Heather Novak said...

And wouldn't you think things would go best at the playground?  Oh Beth!  What would we do with out the internet and  naptime???

Anonymous said...

I had an epic fail yesterday.... No playdate, just burned out at home. Hubs was away for the weekend and after a week of Mommy duty and having a wisdom tooth pulled, a weekend alone was not on my 'To Do' list. (Like the 18 loads of laundry) So, I yelled, a lot. For no reason. Other then my ears couldn't handle the whining anymore. I had potty mouth once or twice.... bad Mommy. I said I was sorry and promised to do better today. So far, so good. XO

Heather Novak said...

OH I am so sorry to hear it...but not surprised right? We ALL have it often. You aren't a bad mommy. (If you were a bad mommy like me, at least your PK would say"It's OK Mommy, you can be a Bad Mommy!" UGH)