DAY TWO Timeline of Housebreaking a Toddler 2012

7:43 AM Today we start off the day with clean bedding and dry panties.  Oh yeah, and waffles PLUS Fritos.  *eye roll*  I woke Portia up around 6:30AM and hustled her to the potty without incident.

LAST NIGHT:  She went to bed in panties, John added the recommended pullup after she was asleep.  She woke up around two AM with wet pants and was shucking them off before I even got there!  SO GLAD there was a pull up & we left her twinkle lights on so she could see the potty in her room.  She REFUSED to wear another Pull Up.

2:30 AM She really wanted to read books in bed and

3:00 AM there was enough drama that I lost my patience and sent in the Daddy Whisperer.  (Even though he was really sore from working towards a Lazymans' Triathlon, shoveling 5 inches of snow and helping our friends move.)

6:30 AM I found them both fast asleep when I went in this morning.  Wish I had a camera to snap Daddy's big man feet hanging over the edge of our girls' green footboard....*heart swells*

8:10 AM Portia comes to us, "I leaked".  She was wearing pajama bottoms so the mess was  *ahem* blanketed.  John went through the routine so I could finish my breakfast waffle.  And coffee.  Mmm.  We pulled her toys and books and she didn't love that.  We explained it was so she could focus on her body instead of the toys, and that she could earn things back by putting something in that potty.  I am already a little tired.  More coffee?

9:20 AM Small melt downs because she doesn't have any toys or books.  Nothing happening in production department.  Here, eat some chips, here have another fake juice drink. I have started cleaning, folding laundry, counting wall cracks.

NOTE:  We are on pair 8 of underpants.  as of DAY TWO at 10:37 AM we used two pair today and FIVE on Day One.    If you care about that kinda thing.

12:05 PM OOPS...but it was so close, she was barely damp and did get to the potty.

12:15 OOPS FOR REAL.  Pee everywhere but the seat.  UGH.  UGH.  She about cried cleaning it all up.  Me too.  Good thing John handled it.

1:27 PM  Sorry that I am not tracking better.  This has gotten old and frustrating.  I cannot WAIT to get out of this house in a little bit.  I think I will go look at yarn.  Or go look at a stiff drink somewhere.  Or go look for a school you can ship kidlets off to and get them back in one week (or rush!) fully housebroken.

6:08 PM  All afternoon the Bitty Beast has stayed dry.  Not that I was here, I went shopping.  Retail Therapy after being home in the house two days focusing on.....oh.  wellllll.  You Know.

11:10AM DAY THREE, woke up with pretty dry panties.  (Portia, not me!) and  has stayed dry and clean ALL DAY so far!  She is also using the big potty again now and has free run of the downstairs.  I am scared to leave the house, but we will do that tomorrow.  To go buy her Buzz Lightyear underpants.  For boys.  But you know, girls will be girls and that Buzz is a HUNK!

Good luck to all of you who are  housebreaking young folks.  GOD BLESS!  You gonna need it.

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