Using Stink to Your Advantage: Aromatherapy for the Clueless

Have you ever wanted to learn about essential oils and aromatherapy? Do you like good stink but have started to hear scented candles, perfumes and air fresheners that are EVERYWHWERE now are not so great for you and your family? Is anyone in your life struggling with allergies or asthma so you cannot use fragrance around them? Do you prefer a more green and natural approach to every other aspect in your lives? Cue aromatherapy music. (It sounds like Enya and Adele at the same time.)

This post was inspired by Meagan at Sorta Crunchy blog for Simple Organic's phenomenal blog. You see, I can be a bit longwinded in the word department via my mouth or my fingers! I realized a comment I made on this awesome post a while ago really should be a whole post in itself. So it is.

I have enjoyed using essential oils ever since an old co-worker and friend Leah Banicki introduced her stash and books about it to me. We sold production music for TV and Film and shared a little office that was made warmer and happier with some good stink. I bought my first sampler kit of essential oils (Grapefruit, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium, and Eucalyptus) for about $30 from "A Natural Hi" store owned by Valkyrie Lang.

It is so wonderful to use essential oils for aromatherapy. They actually change your mood, health, focus depending on their application. Essential Oils can be cheap (about $3 for Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit) or expensive ($20 for Frankincense) Oh day you will be mine! (No wonder it was a rich gift for Jesus.)

Here are some easy ways to use oils. You can always buy them straight or in preparations if you do not want to make things with them yourself. If you want to start small I would suggest Lavender and Eucalyptus at least. Then add Grapefruit, Peppermint, Rosemary...and whatever suits your needs. I got two AWESOME books for Christmas two years ago from my family. Either one would be a great start or browse your local bookstore to see what appeals to your senses.

"Aromatherapy A-Z" by Connie and Alan Higley with Pat Leatham is a great quick reference for what ails you. The book covers basic facts, application and uses of Essential Oils.

"The Aromotherapy Bible" by Gill Farrer-Halls you can find here. It goes into depth of the uses for a large variety of over fifty Essential Oils and included recipes for perfume, skin cream and cleansers, romantic massage oils, etc. I learned a lot form both books even after using oils for several years.

Here are a few ways I use my Essential Oils. I am DELIGHTED to get you away from crappy chemical candles and room 'fresheners,' so feel free to email me with questions...if you live close I might even make you a batch of something!

I drip a few drops of grapefruit essential oil into an oil diffuser or just whiff from the bottle to lift my mood. Eucalyptus and or Peppermint oil on the floor of a hot steamy shower helps clear out sinuses and congestion from colds. I put drops of Eucalyptus on the baby's crib mattress when she has a cold too. More natural aids for them babies from Simple Organic Here.

This is a fancy word meaning I mix essential oil with olive, grapeseed or sweet almond oil. Olive oil works fine for me because it is cheap and I am lazy. My toddler is learning a bit: She knows "Boo Boo Juice" goes on bumps & bruises. (Lemongrass & Geranium in olive oil SERIOUSLY handles potential goose eggs & reduces or removes bruising...CRAZY! I keep it on hand for toddler biffs.


They come in a variety of forms; ceramic burners with a bowl above and a tea light below, a cigarette outlet jobber for your car, plug ins (not Glade, the ones for essential oils!)or even just oils put on a tissue and inhaled...the high end "kleenex diffuser" I was using my oil diffuser yesterday with eucalyptus, tee tree and lavender for their my babies' little colds....I LIKE the idea of a massage oil for it but we haven't really done that. Diffusing is a GREAT way to fragrance your home without the nasty chemicals, headaches and allergic reaction you might get from candles, reed diffusers, fragrance plug ins etc. UNLESS they are made with 100% Essential Oils, not to be confused with fragrance oils which can still be chemical based. For natural and energizing stink, only use ESSENTIAL OILS!

Of course this is one of the yummiest, right now we use lavender & olive oil post baths. We have massaged both girls form first bath to the present with just this. I know there are commercial "better sleep" bath and lotions products, but the chemical makeup is not truly benefitting your family the way your own purchased or homemade things can.

Wanna natural and cheap and YUMMY way to wash your face? Try the Oil Cleansing Method! I use this to remove my eye makeup even if I use a wrinkle reducing eye bag hiding sallow splotchy skin hiding commercial cleanser on my face. I do still do oil cleansing a few times a week because it feels so luxurious on my dry winter skin.

Home Cleaning Products
I haven't bought a home cleaning product since having my first baby three years ago! I clean almost everything with vinegar and essential oils. Tee Tree Oil is a powerhouse for anti bacterial uses and then I throw a bunch of something delicious like Grapefruit or Lavender or Pine to cover the vinegar smell and make the room feel inviting and clean in a non chemical way. It is nice to not have my eyes water or worry about the kids touching the cleansers.

You can mix oils and filtered water with a tiny bit of oil, maybe alcohol into a travel sized sprayer for your own perfumes. I lust after Aveda fragrances so you will find me combining Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine etc endlessly trying to copy their famous fragrance based in Essential Oils. (Part of why their products are more expensive, real essential oils in them!)
NOTE to the person wanting a sprayer: Target's sample size sprayer in the travel toiletry section works great and is only one dollar. I have a perfume I made in one and the other one has lavender, filtered water and a tiny bit of olive or grapeseed oil. I keep it in the fridge for my face...SO REFRESHING.

This is not an exhaustive list, I have used oils for infertility, prayer, cuts, mosquito repellant, perfume, scalp massage, moisturizer, cleansers, bath spas, mood correction and jsut atmosphere. Like the yummy Pine and Rosemary I am burning now to forget we have a fake Christmas tree this year!

What ailments or fragrance uses would you be interested in trying first? I am happy to look up information for you to help get you started!


Pearliegirl said...

One to help me lose weight !!!!! My lovely nephew max made a tincture of handpicked elderberries and vodka to help
With the common cold !!! It came in the cutest little dropper with hand lettered label !! :)

LiveYourLoveOutLoud said...

I would suggest grapefruit or peppermint oil to whiff when you are feeling snacky...both lift mood and that might help at times.  Also lavender, but the first two are my best.  AND I LOVE the tinture dealio, of course vodka is the best part, right? LOL.

Valkyrie Derda Lang said...

Just to be clear, a "tincture" is an alcohol based extract made with herbs made for internal use (medicinal purposes). "Tinctures" are typically made by the "Simpler's Method" (placing herb in a mixture of grain alcohol and water). Some people use the word "extract" to mean the same thing, but in fact while tinctures, extracts, decoctions, percolates and teas are all ways to get the medicinal qualities of herbs into your body, they are in fact, created differently and possess different qualities.
I  believe Heather is using "tincture" to mean a "massage blend" (placing the essential oil in a carrier oil) which are created for external use. To be extra clear, tinctures are made from fresh or dried herbs and essential oils are the extremely concentrated, volatile oil from the plant which are aromatic and have medicinal properties as well.
I like the fact that Heather has and will always be an Alchemist ready to blend up her own potions and loves to experiment!!
Sorry to be so anal, I know it's confusing!!

Valkyrie Derda Lang said...

Grapefruit essential oil has been indicated to help in weight loss. I would recommend adding CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Grapefruit essential oil to your water and drinking LOTS of it! It a metabolism booster!

Valkyrie Derda Lang said...

doTerra makes a an amazing blend that can be used in your water or massaged into skin to combat cellulite! it's called, "Slim and Sassy". you can get it here: or call me.

LiveYourLoveOutLoud said...

Thanks again for the clarification, and for putting it here Val!  YOU started this habit of mine, and I am ever grateful!  MWAH!