Tiny Red Kitchen: Ursuline's Kitchen Restaurant and Bacon & Garlic "Greens"

OK. So we have established I have a leetle tiny love affair with food. Right? This recipe is SO GOOD you might need a cigarette afterwards. Even if you do not smoke, haven't smoked in eight years....heck even if you have never smoked this might make it a first. The recipe ain't healthy so don't get all pious about your health right now. Trust me, it is as good as good....ummmmm adult quality time.

So the Hubs and I went on a romantic double date to a tiny restaurant in Merrillville Indiana called Ursuline's Kitchen. It is a fantastic French Cajun place we would NEVER have found if they hadn't offered a $25 gift certificate on www.restaraunt.com for $4! These coupons work best with more than two people dining, so we have been saving it. It was a small dark and handsome little place with mismatched linens and chairs and N'awlins music a'playin' in the background. The woman who served us was perfect...I wondered if she was Ursaline and uncharacteristically didn't have the gumption to ask her name...shame on me.

YOU MUST visit this place. The menu is short and rotates daily which I like. Have a desire for cajun or creole something specific? Call a head and ask for it to be on the menu...how is that for service?

We started out with the best crab cakes (actually several kinds of crab and little else...no fillers!)I chose blacked shrimp po'boy....even without sauce of any kind (I would prefer to have something....) it was AWESOME. Such flavor...mouth is watering and I just had this last night! Their dirty rice was tasty and the greens...which I didn't care about until I tasted them...well they sung me quite the love song. Our precious waitress responded to our rave review by telling us how to make them. They are on my stove. RIGHT. NOW. They taste just as good as the yum from last night. Yup I will tell you how I did it, from what she told me they did...and maybe....just maybe...

Thinly slice one red onion and half a head of cabbage. Saute and practically caramelize in a pan with olive oil and butter and garlic powder. Add in your greens. I used chard because I had it leftover. It needs to cook awhile so it really enjoyed this process. I made space in the middle of the pan to fry up three strips of bacon and used kitchen scissors to 'chop' it up into small bits when it was done. LOTS of garlic powder throughout the process, a little salt and pepper. Everything should be wilted and it probably should take 20-30 minutes.

Here it is waiting for me. I mean for my family. I could seriously eat the whole pan.

Dinner was supposed to be just Chicken Maribella from my FREE Cozi online calendar and dinner planner (what's up Fly Lady!)

But once this greens action happened, I also made AllRecipe's super simple chocolate pudding. I added in almond butter and a dash of cinnamon because I just couldn't stop myself.

BOY am I glad I didn't buy skinny jeans. Bring on the fat pants, it is DINNERTIME! Eat Up.


Meg said...

Can't wait to try this!

Heather Novak said...

Meg it is FANTASTIC.  Mmmmm.  I made their greens again last week!

Heather Novak said...

Going to make a version of this tonight with leftover cabbage and kale...sadly discovered Ursuline’s is now closed.....