Tiny Red Kitchen: Granola Girl Review

Oh. My. Sweet. Lord.

I like granola like everyone else, on top of yogurt, drenched in milk, as a snack or breakfast or because the sun is shining.

The day THIS was left on my porch I heard birds sing once again.

Now let me say Liz is a casual friend. We run into each other all over downtown Valparaiso and we laugh about how we don't actually hang out on purpose but our girls like each other and we cannot stop chatting when we do collide at Blackbird Cafe, Central Park Plaza, the playground. And she did give me this package of granola for my delight and to review, so essentially I was paid about a million dollars to do the review. Yup, it is that good.

Even though I just enjoyed pancakes and maple syrup with Greek Yogurt for brekkie...and had in fact JUST washed up the dishes from said brekkie...I still poured a bit of Granola Girl granola into a bowl.

My daughter Portia and I settled into a dining room chair and pinched up the first bite of this fragrant and gorgeous granola.

It was the best I have ever had. I have eaten Nature Valley, Naked, Quaker, Kashi and that fine bit of faux granola that comes with a McDonald's yogurt parfait.

THIS redefined granola for me.

Each flake of oatmeal was covered in a sheen of maple and brown sugar. Sweeter than I should indulge in, but who cares! The pecans were obviously toasted, the golden raisins plump and pretty, and the hint of Cardamom (!!! brilliant!)

or maybe the Love (Again, brilliant!) just combined to be a perfect granola for breakfast or a snack or even dessert. I like that it is organic, lots of local ingredients and made by a woman I can smile at in my own town. It is $12 for a one pound bag. That is not cheap, but it is neither cheaply made nor cheap tasting. When you want the little moments of your life to be special, this kind of granola does it for you. (And is still MUCH cheaper than breakfast out somewhere!)

I asked my husband to sample it too. He said it was really good, and when I asked if it was the best he had ever tasted he said "It ranks up there, but you have to remember, my Mom raised me on all that stuff. And my Aunt and Uncle were Hippies, so I have eaten it(granola) a lot!"

We ate it again for breakfast the next day on top of Greek yogurt. REALLY GOOD. The only thing I could complain about is there is not a serving size, calorie count (not sure I wanna know) etc. on the package. When I sin, I want to know about it...and this Granola Girl granola is so good it has to be a sin.

You can find her on Facebook where you will unfortunately learn she also makes marshmallows. You buy it downtown Valparaiso at Blackbird Cafe for a meal, Lifestyles gift shop and online at Etsy. I am pretty sure you can find it a few other places too, and trust me, you will be looking for it!


Cardamom said...

Cardamom not cardamon!!

Heather Novak said...

OH!!! Thank you for the correction.  Sheesh.  Wonderful stuff.