Tiny Red Kitchen: Agave Lime Grilled Tofu with Asian Slaw and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Yeah! I know! Sounds interesting as all get out right?
We are big carnivores around here but with all the information about animal cruelty, heart disease and the benefits of a vegan diet we do not eat a lot of meat. Of course soy is supposed to be bad for you too. And my much worshipped Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan probably are not into the super processed meat like soy stuff I lived on when I was a vegetarian long ago.


What to eat on the nights when meat of any kind ain't on the menu?


Blech. (Was that out loud?)

I have been perusing a few vegan cookbooks and trying some dishes. My husband and little girls will eat what I place before him which is a gift and makes our dinner table an excellent proving ground.

So I made Tal Ronnen's Agave-Lime Grilled Tofu with Asian Slaw and Mashed Sweet Potatoes. I found this recipe in his book "The Conscious Cook" His book if for folks who already love to cook, so if that isn't you, maybe check it out at the library first. If I don't still have it. I have checked it out twice and renewed it once both times....if it was rent to own it would be ALLLL MINE. I made his AMAZING cashew cream to sub in for dairy...it was awesome and we all snarfed down his Corn Chowder recipe that used it. I had to use up the rest, voila this little baby.

I didn't grill the tofu because I am too lazy to fire up the grill and too frugal to buy a grill pan. I just popped it under the broiler for a bit, maybe not as good, but Lazy Mama was satisfied. I also have NO IDEA what Shoyu soy sauce does differently so I didn't buy that either. I use Bragg's Amino Acids in lieu of soy sauce. I cannot tell the difference plus it is better for me. I was bummed to only use one chipotle out of a can, now I have to google recipes for the rest of 'em.
Here is the marinade happening.

And the mashed taters. I rarely peel potatoes so that was a bummer, I could tell it needed to happen here.

Lazy frugality continues with the slaw...I used (Hi Dad!) BROCCOLI SLAW (I often make fun of my Dad when speaking and his lust for broccoli slaw.) and just tossed it with the dressing. I figured it would be interesting and healthy and I wouldn't be chopping up a bunch of stuff. My version of "julienne" looks more like "Lincoln Log" so I was pleased to pass on that part of the dish.

We were all pretty happy with the results. It wasn't as pretty as in the book, but is it ever?

And we were still hungry afterwards. I didn't dish out all the food but the girls split one portion and I was trying to obey serving size for a change. It was nice to not feel full, to have energy after dinner. But. We did have to make some popcorn. And when I say had to, I mean in the way of fatter folks who have to munch more to be satisfied. All you trim folk would have probably been just fine.

It was a great culinary adventure and even the kidlets got prettified plates.

Tell me what your best and worst cooking substitutions were, and what your stance on tofu is in the comments below! Your comment makes my DAY!


Nancy said...

I love tofu and I've just started to get back in the kitchen and experiment with recipes...so here is to cookbooks and food network.com.  I found this great site called ciaoitalia.com - WOW!

Thanks for being honest in stating that the cookbook is more for people who love to cook - I'm not quite there but feel it coming on.


Heather Novak said...

Ooh thanks for sharing the site Nancy.  Try TVP too, it is amazing how close ti is to meat in some dishes.

Pearliegirl said...

Poor john and kidlets :( but nice try . Hate tofu , , grill pans great and not $$$$ .... L&p