I Love the Moments In Between

My tea mug is empty. I am hoping Portia isn't around the corner emptying hers into tiny plastic play tea set cups. The baby is still napping, sick today, yesterday, all week with a nasty cold. I remain jealous she is getting all the sleep she wants whereas I am on day eight of limited sleep. I am not nice to be around without my eight hours.

But I have freedom. I can wander through this day in any way I wish. These days with two tinies at home and me here to watch them grow are precious. I do run screaming from the house at times. Motherhood is a wonderful horrible irreplaceable joy for me. Even when it is really, really, really hard.

I smile because I know I am blessed. I know my daughters are lovely and living well as they grow and change and challenge me.

I managed to change Portia's nasty pull up without yelling at her about how she knows poop goes IN THE POTTY. I am proud of myself just for not yelling; I never claim rights to Mother of the Year.

And I stayed peaceful as I sat in our two by three foot bathroom floor to change the little one's nasty dipe too. My reward for this peace, this choice to just roll with it was BIG.

The moments in between the daily chaos and laughter and tears and diaper changes are BIG.


Libby took four steps. Her face lit up with the realization she has never done this before. This walking. This portal into freedom and much much more fun than she can have scootching on her bottom to travel room to room.

Within a few minutes she was laying with her cheek against the cool wood floor more than ready for her nap. I imagine her thinking "This freedom is tiring".

Don't I know it, I think.

NOTE: This was inspired by Extraordinary Ordinary "Just Write", why don't you give it a try?


John Monte Novak said...

Nice one, Honey.

IveyLeagueMama said...

"This freedom is tiring."  <----- yep, yep, yep