Bodacious Blog of the Week: Life In Grace

I found this WONDERFUL woman Edie
via beautiful Stacey at 29 Lincoln Avenue blog. I went there for a makeup tutorial and for all I know she might talk about crockpotting children in the rest of her posts but I fell in love with her AND plan to go bankrupt at the MAC counter next chance I get away from the littles around here.

I just got a Sephora makeover and bought new expensive makeup I have started wearing almost daily and feel like one million dollars *pinky to corner of eveiiiil grin*! I saw a few more goodies from MAC to add to my repertoire as soon as I have the lettuce to buy them. After a certain age(40), makeup and jewelry do A LOT to brighten up a girl(ME)(YOU TOO).

At any rate, "Life In Grace: Living a Life We Don't Deserve" looks like a grand place to spend some time and Edie was gorgeous and probably southern and a lot of fun to read....and she even did a video tutorial that was fun too. ENJOY!

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