Bodacious Blog of the Week: IMOM (& Secret Tool for Kids you can steal!)

Like most blogs I fell on this one somehow and since I devour their quick dailies I thought it was about time I shared.

iMOM blog offers a few sentences of APPLICABLE parenting and relationship brilliance every day.

They also have creative and pretty print outs (they call 'em TOOLS) for most useful things: chore lists, conversation starters, organization, behavior contracts, relationship deepeners.

I like ACTION and LISTS and these folks give me that in a nutshell.
Their "You Can Do It" chart for a week, a month or 100 Days is designed for kidlets, but wouldn't it be great for those pesky New Year's Resolutions????

Check them out and please comment about what you think. I haven't gotten to read everything they have written share what you find so we do not miss it, OKAY? Your comments make my DAY!

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