Bacon Before Husband- Life Priorities and The Happy List

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"Bacon Before Husband" from Mothers and More Mother's Voices Blog
By Heather Curlee Novak

Do you have a daily list? I don't mean tasks for work or chores for home, I mean a Happy List. I have a Happy List running through my head most of the time. This list tends to be fickle and definitely changes with my mood. It is rare that something gets crossed off of it but I get immense satisfaction from my list just the same. My list makes friends laugh and strangers think I am...stranger.

I have a lot to be happy about. My husband John and I have great fun slogging through daily life together and he is an incredible gift to me. I get to stay home with our two beautiful daughters; Portia who is two and a half years old and Libby is is nine months old. They turned me from a Reluctant Mama ( only a Somewhat Bewildered Mama. I am healthy enough to run (very slowly) and I enjoy exploring new recipes fatty enough to keep me running! We live debt free except for our home and work really hard to live a richly simple life. I have a great network of friends including the Mothers and More Mamas and I am living in a town that offers lots of interesting things to do with my time. So I have a lot to put on my Happy List.

Here is an example of today's Happy List: 1) Mothers and More Blog and Readers, 2) bacon, 3) haiku, 4) my husband John, 5) bacon*, 6) fresh rain, 7) my girls and 8) bacon*. ("Not a typo, bacon should always make the list at least twice.) Sometimes God is first on my list. Sometimes bacon or blue cheese gets that holy and coveted spot. Many days my girls outrank my hubby, but like today they are sometimes in the middle. So this is my Happy List. Do you have one in your head too?

I have this kind of list in my head as a personal reminder to enjoy all the facets of daily life. There are lots of little joys to sink our teeth into and celebrate. The big hurrahs are not so plentiful. I had hard times as a young girl. My parents divorced when I was eight and we moved around a lot. My Mother was a warm funny person, but also an alcoholic. She died when I was thirteen and my relationship with my Father and stepmother at the time was rocky. I learned quickly to enjoy what was in front of me and to take charge of my own life.

Since we can never know what our lives will be like in the future, I have learned to live each day of my life to the fullest. This is why I chose "Farbrent" which means "On Fire" as a nickname for online groups and Twitter. It is also why I called my personal blog "Live Your Love Out Loud". When we love, we are so purely optimistic, foolish, joyful and real. I want to remind others to live their love, and to do it OUT LOUD! At the same time, I need to remind myself to do this too. My Happy List helps me live well.

Early in my marriage I would get so filled up with the simple joys in life I would rattle off my happy list to my husband quite often. He would smile and shake his head. Later after we had been married awhile and were used to each other, he told me it really bothered him that he was often outranked by food. OOPS. So nowadays I throw him towards the top as sort of a marriage insurance. (But you and I know where bacon really belongs.)

Would you share your Happy List? List the top three items on your Happy List down in the comments.


Nancy said...

Hello Heather and thank you for coming over to my blog - I have now subscribed to your blog and glad I did - looking forward to your posts - Here goes my happy list:
1) Waking up to the ocean 2) My "man friend" David 3) Chocolate 4) Sunshine 5) Rain 6) Chocolate (sorry but I don't do bacon but here is my version of bacon 7) Sausage Links 8) My grown children Amanda 29 and Kevin 27 9) Sausage Links 10) Writing Inspiration

Thanks for making me chuckle today and I find the happy list a good thing - for the latter part of today I was questioning things - like happiness!

You may want to read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Living in the possibilities,

Heather Novak said...

HI Nancy, thanks SO MUCH for coming over.  You know how much that and a comment mean, dontcha?  LOL.  Oh I am all over the Happiness Project already, mention it in a talk I am giving tomorrow along with The Happiest Mom by Meagan Francis, have you read that one?

Nancy said...

I do know what comments mean - It's smiles and NO I have not read The Happiest Mom by Meagan Francis - sounds like a good one and maybe it's time to go to Amazon and get it....thanks for the recommendation. I will come visit again...Would you consider being a guest blogger on my site?  I've had a few authors - Patti Hawn (Goldie's Sister); Amanda Owen author of The Power of Receiving- Kristin Kaufman author of Is This Seat Taken? (a random encounters book)....Let me know...

Heather Novak said...

I would LOOOOOVE to guest blog for you. Any topic in particular let me know.  You would be welcome here too!  

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather-Reading your blog is like sitting with you and fun! I am reading "The Happiness Project" so this post comes at a good time! Not sure if these are in any particular order, but here are my current "Happies" (did I pluralize that right?) Hubs, church, kids, kid's health, a job I love, sleeping in (summer vacation thanks to the job I love!), completion of our home renovation, cooking, books on CD for my commute, popcorn & fresh basil in my herb garden. LISA V.