What I wore Wednesday (I dressed up for my new earrings!)

I've never been much of a jewelry person. For as zany and fabulous as I may in personality, my wardrobe tastes have run pretty classic and tame. I like solid colors, red, turquoise, black, white and grey. I'm mostly a t-shirt & cardigan girl. I have branched out into dressier stretchy silky shirts with my jeans, but I am pruning those branches back. I wear my diamond earrings I bought myself when I turned twenty nine almost every day and the same cross necklace or no necklace most days. As I have gotten older though, I have noticed the many perks of jewelry:

If you have a huge loud vintage choker on, folks might not notice your rapidly aging chicken neck.

Staying home with tiny children and wearing their body fluids on every bit of clothing you wear isn't so bad with a chunky beaded bracelet on. Or my FAH BUH LOUS Pandora charm bracelet.

Even though you have to flip a longer necklace over your shoulder to nurse a baby, for the five minutes in a day you are not nursing, it might make your unshowered-for-three-days self look only slightly homeless instead of bag lady bus stop bench homeless.

If you have a limited wardrobe, switching necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can make it seem like you have three shirts instead of just one you wear every day because it hides stains. Not that you eat like a slob or anything.

Since I have discovered these little jewels of fashion truth, I have been wearing and buying more jewelry. When My friend Mercy invited me to a Lia Sophia jewelry party I actually went for the alcoholic bevvies and adult conversation. And to encourage our friend Erica Garcia who needs no encouragement, she is awesome and a manager for Lia Sophia for years. Then I won these cool earrings. The next day I dressed up just for them, to try to do them justice as I cleaned the house, walked with the girls to the library and went to bible study that night. I got compliments on them and no one said a word about my chicken neck. I will be excited to host my Lia Sophia party next month and get more free jewelry! I'm picking out beauties for my wish list: Maybe something in a saddlebag slimming color?

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