Got Dentist? Dental Arts Group Review

So I eat tons of sugar and don't brush. And I apparently grind my teeth at night. So I have spent my life in the dentist's chair. Here I am at 40 years old and I am now due for my third crown. (The one I have been avoiding for a couple years now thanks to using a teeny tiny mouth guard at long last!) But.


Now that I am finally not pregnant (right?) I had to get it taken care of. So I asked my friends here in Valparaiso Indiana who they recommended and Beth Tipton said Dental Arts Group. Dental Arts Group also kindly donated a jillion toothbrushes and toothpastes for our Mothers and More group "Power of a Purse" campaignand I really appreciated their generosity so I decided to visit Dental Arts Group.

My husband and I both went for checkups and did the whole X-rays and cleaning routine. The office was bright and clean, wait time was minimal, and everyone was friendly, laid back and welcoming.

Here I am coming in for my third visit, this time for the crown delivery. I didn't realize I was dressing like Johnny Cash until I saw this picture. Annnnnd maybe a little makeup or a paper bag over my head would have looked better too. I immediately thought instead of occasionally piping in on What I Wore Wednesdays, I should just go right ahead and stick with a "What Not To Wear" deal since I am clearly better at that!

They were warm and friendly and funny. My biggest complaint is I never get to spend enough time in the waiting room to actually enjoy reading a magazine. DANG. (I have two little bitty kidlets, I LIKE waiting room magazines.) (ALOT.)

Which you might want when going to folks who will put a drill in your mouth. Really.

They had a lot more technology than I have seen which was good for getting more detailed information but it took two visits to get to a cleaning which was a little tricky for childcare etc. And then there was the matter of getting the crown replaced.

In case you have never had the pleasure, since this was my third time getting a crown done I will tell you how it is done. First they pull your cheek across the room, jab you with a needle while lying to you about how it will be a "Tiny Pinch" (I'll give you a tiny pinch $&%%#@!) and then they grind off most of the cracked tooth, do some other stuff, and make your face feel like it is laying on the floor for the rest of the day. (Anyone think it might be a good idea to try to put red lipstick on without a mirror right after that? I sure shouldn't have. BUT. I did get a good laugh out of it.) Here is a more detailed explanation if you are macabre and creepy like that.

The dentist will never be fun, but the folks at Dental Arts Group in Valparaiso Indiana do a really nice job of making you feel a little less crappy about the whole experience.
Dr. Jeff is a (happily married) hunk who goes to great lengths to make sure you understand what is happening. The fabu woman (Jennifer I think) assisting him was great. They were like a radio show, it was quite entertaining.

If you like hands and drills and stuff in your mouth while you are entertained.

The other thing is even though they are no longer in our dental plan as a preferred provider, Dee at the front desk showed me that my insurance still covers the same amounts as if they were a preferred provider. *whew* I don't want to go anywhere else, so that is GREAT. So if you need a cleaning, want whiter teeth, or just have nothing better to do, go check them out and let me know what you thought. Tell them I sent you! I'm trying to get enough credit to get my name on a plaque on their magazine rack. (I get NOTHING for writing this post...but if you check them out and drop my name I do get a referral fee. Just so you know. I'm gunning for teeth whitening but that isn't why I'm sharing awful pictures of my sad self at the dentist. I was going for a humor post. Please laugh.)


Lonnilei said...

I definitely laughed. Even before you asked me to! While I've never had crown work done, it sounds like a similar thing for my few fillings--just a LOT more drilling/grinding. And while I've never tried to apply lipstick after a more-than-just-a-cleaning visit to the dentist, I *have* tried swallowing pain pills. But those pills required food in my stomach, so-o-o-o-o I also ended up eating with a completely numb mouth/face. I think next time, I should just go for the lipstick application--it sounds easier! :-)

Anonymous said...

lol....hate it when my cheek gets pulled across the room!! ;)

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

It occurred to me that I actually PAID something like $600 to post this....what is wrong here? LOL.