Falling Apart: Bifocals, Crowns and Technology, OH MY!

Can you guess my age?

It is four o'clock in the morning and instead of having the good sense to sleep, I am up and WIDE awake. I guess I am just so stinkin' excited about my optometrist appointment today. It has been about three years since my peepers were looked at and a funny thing happened this month on the way to 40. Sometimes my glasses got blurry at night when I was reading. Until I moved whatever it was a tiny bit forward or backward. WHAT? How could that make a difference? I thought I was jsut REALLY tired but then later realized....UH OH. Bifocals?
Aren't those for old folks? I know they have the graduated lens now and that I can keep my real teeth, but I was. not. prepared.

Of course it might just be like a 'watch' at the dentist; could become a problem later but is just something to watch right now. Tho' a cavity isn't my friend in any degree. Don't get me started about my new crown that happened last month. My dentist said I grind my teeth eons ago, but because I wasn't noticing it or having pain in the morning I was NOT ABOUT TO WEAR a nerdy bite guard.

Didn't matter that no one was sleeping beside me, I didn't want to have some dealie in my mouth like a football player. Those things make you drool. And lisp. And just because I was solo back then don't think I didn't talk to the dog or myself or God or something.

Fast forward several years and I have had three of my back molars ground off and crowned for cracks from that grinding I didn't think I did. Nice. I told my husband he should have checked my teeth before he married me--those suckers ain't cheap.

So a highlight of my Grand Dame status now is my new
Smartphone. It is smarter than me, which is intimidating, but we call it Moneypenny which brings it down a notch. I found out I can geocache once again with it soooo easily. From anywhere. I haven't had a simple method for caching for years and am QUITE. EXCITED. I also used it as a GPS for directions just last night. We didn't even remember the name of the restaurant, just googled 'fine dining , Merrillville Indiana, and it gave us the right place(apparently the only place!) and gorgeous directions to it. The camera on it is great, my Nook and Kindle E-reader apps (free, thank you much) let me read while nursing the Bebe in the dark and don't even get me started about my
Fly Lady Cozi calendar and grocery lists. (Hi Jamie Oliver, Hi Fly Lady!) I can still remember our first family computer and dot matrix printer, but our daughters will grow up in a texting touch screen world and who knows what comes next by the time they are old enough for a cell phone of their own.

I love my life and choose to be grateful about every part along the path but some things truly take me by surprise. So you can guess my age(heck I told you my age!) and I don't look my age but I am feeling my age. Forty and flabbergasted at how quickly things change. And you? Can I guess your age too?

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