Did someone steal my Christmas Tree?

Did someone steal my Christmas tree?
Nahhh....but they might as well have. I do not know what it is this year, but it was the 17th and we had a tree up...it was naked as a jaybird but it was up. Our Christmas decorations were out.
Of the basement anyway. Still in their boxes spread around our house in a most UNdecorative manner. I wondered "Can't someone else do it?". (That is "Royal Speak" for "My Husband.")

We have two darling little girls who will enjoy the sparkle of Christmas, heck I enjoy it too...but this year, that week I felt tired. Maybe it was all that jeans shopping that did me in. Maybe it was the two batches of iced sugar cookies I unfortunately ate all by myself.

Let's not mention the freakishly ugly gingerbread men that followed. Or the ones that didn't make the cut.

My heroic husband did most of the decorating this year. Once our tree was decorated and our other festivities were strewn about the house I did feel more Christmas-y.

Until I tried to pull a Norman Rockwell moment with my Family Circus family and sat near the tree to open the stack of Christmas cards and drink eggnog. So you know with a one year old and a two year old how that went. You know I should have had brandy in that 'nog.

The great news is most of our presents are not just purchased but wrapped as well. YEAH!

And I am still struggling a tiny bit to catch the Christmas spirit (We've had no snow, to start with.....Christmas RAIN? WHAT?) But...the story of Christmas, The cross behind the X in X-mas, the tiny baby who brings light to the world does always stir my heart.

If you really consider having a baby in a barn. Wrapping him up in (Hopefully clean) blankets and putting him in a feeding trough....how humble and dirty and low it all was.

And yet.

Love came down at Christmas. Even without a tree, presents or fake Santa Claus beards.

And that Love remains.

Is anyone else behind, frenzied, what have you? Any suggestions on catching the spirit? What is one special and unique to you ritual do you enjoy this time of year?


The Bearded Iris said...

I hear you, honey. It was nothing short of a Christmas miracle that I finally got on board this year. Better late than never.

Sending you love and light,

Lonnilei said...

I'd love to give you some kind of brilliant advice on how to get into the spirit. But I've got nothin'.

At our house, the decorations are up, the gifts are wrapped, the goodies have been baked (and they just sit there, calling to me ALL. DAY. LONG. because my husband doesn't have a sweet tooth ... but I digress), the cards have been mailed, etc., etc., etc. But I'm having a terrible time "feeling" ready for Christmas. It took all my effort to manage a polite response today to the bell-ringers who wished me "Merry Christmas" as I came and went from the grocery store and places where I'm already exchanging unwanted Christmas gifts.

For me, I think some quiet time would help--some time away from the busyness of shopping, baking, decorating, gatherings with family/friends, etc. That first Christmas was so simple, so basic, so un-everything-I-try-to-make-my-Christmas. Perhaps I can sneak in some time to sit and really ponder the miracle of God being born as a tiny baby. Maybe I just need to spend some time with the Prince of Peace before I can experience the joy of the season that celebrates His birth.

And once I am filled with that joy, maybe, just maybe, I won't feel the need to snarl at the bell-ringers who are trying to spread holiday cheer.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It's definitely been different this year. I have all the presents but am behind on everything else.


HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Lonneli- those bell ringers aren't trying to spread joy or they would be handing out money instead of askin' for it! LOL, but you are right...slowing down or snagging some quiet time....ahhh. Iris- thank you for the Love and Light. Your post was amazing. Stephanie what do you think it is? I blame the global warming lack of SNOW. *sigh*