Bodacious Blog of the Week: Fly Lady!

I am not a clean house gal, but I do want and need everything TIDY. Walking into a room that is clean and neat makes me feel affluent and if the maid just left the room (even if I am playing that role.) I feel nuts if there is clutter around so for the most part things are in their places OR ELSE. And then kidlets happened.
Even though we choose to live simply without a lot of toys, they still get everywhere. Even though I have my toddler tidy up at least once a day with me, there are still times when it looks like a toy bomb went off in my little living room. I choose to live well and do fun things with people including my daughters, so sometimes stuff slides, dishes pile up or suddenly there is half an inch of dust on a shelf I never noticed before.

Fly Lady ( a home cleaning and organization and meal planning and fashion(using term loosely) and exercise blog I have LOVED for YEARS. They have hands down THE BEST FAMILY CALENDAR ever. They have daily E-mails to help inspire you to stay on track. And it all starts with shining your kitchen sink, even if you just pile the dirty dishes that were in it on the floor!
They also have weekly missions, monthly habits and an annual saying to remember. The basic premise is you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes. I added their free Cozi calendar to my brand spankin' new smart phone, and it has all the tasks and color coded family stuff with reminders for everyone and grocery lists...I LOVE it.

I do not follow everything but the tips and systems I do use keep my house that much nicer and let the maid have a few days off here and there.

(You are welcome!)

Do you have a secret to keep your home life running smoother?


Cozy in Texas said...

Thanks for the tip - I'll take a look at the blog.

Erica said...

Do you have a secret to keep your home life running smoother?


HeatherCurleeNovak said...

WINE! Yeeeeessss. Wine. Don't forget the chocolate.