Defining Moments AKA What is that blurry area under my eyes????

I've been blessed with decent genetics and have always looked young, so I haven't cared about the birthdays rolling by. I worry about other deeper things like where will I get a sugar fix today or is that a GET HERE NOW cry from the baby? (Vs. a GEE, WISH I HAD A BETTER STAFF cry?) I haven't really seen any wrinkles on my face although a definite change in tone and gorgeousness has been duly noted over the past recent years.

My friend Katie Seible took a series of family pictures for us this Fall. In one of them, that she said was a really good one " for a book jacket or something!" was a great picture of me. My fake red hair was shiny and perfect in color. My shirt was flattering to nursing mama challenges of larger...uh...girls. There was no glare on my spectacles, no weird smile and my lipstick was good...not eaten off or smeared up over my eye from aggressive baby kisses.
But the eyes. What on God's Green Earth was wrong with my eyes? What was that....blurry part? Was that....WRINKLES? PUFFYNESS? WHAAAAAT? Katie, I wanted good pictures, not perfectly honest and revealing pictures. Whose idea was good lighting anyway? I LIKE CANDLELIGHT. I didn't want to know the truth. I can't handle the truth.

So yesterday was Day One of my "Thirty-something" Birthday Month.
And I went straight to Target (like I need a reason) and bought Boot's lifting and firming eye cream. I found Boot's after having my second Bebe and saw my face turning all those awful lackluster sallow colors post partum. I saw them listed four times on Good Housekeeping's Best of Something list and tried their lifting and firming night cream. Even my hubby noticed I got my glow back within a few days. Later I got their day cream, then the cleanser. NOW. Eye Cream.(I'll miss you Mary Kay, may be back if this new affair cools off)

I never cared too much about aging because I wasn't doing it. NOW. I. CARE. Lather me up just short of embalming, because I have decided to stay thirty-something and it looks like it's gonna take some WORK. Forty and FOXIER....right?

Any tips or tricks I should know about from you other Fabulous Old Fogies?


liz said...

agree.agree.agree. love me some boots. use both day and night creme myself!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Can we schedule a Target date soon? I've also been thinking about your getting fit post ever since you wrote it and totally want to join in but I'm a chicken.

Let's hang out soon.


HeatherCurleeNovak said...

LIZ! Is THAT why you are so dang gorgeez? Not a day over...twenty something. Steph- YES. How is it (I continue to ask) S/WAHM are SO busy? Keep thinking bout the fitness deal.