Bodacious Blog of the Week: Keeper of the Home

Keeper of the Home "Naturally inspired living for the Christian homemaker" is a blog where I found nasty and a little effective COLD KICKER recipe(horseradish, honey, bunch of herbs, ginger and more...shake it and shake it and shake it for two weeks. I think it helps b/c if you do not die from the smell or taste you have to just get better), the right way to brew our French press coffee(hubs was right, it should be stirred. Aigh! And I thought I could slip some lazy in there somewhere), and peaceful reading.

I would link to these items but something is funky with her old posts right will have to look for them yourself. Stephanie Langford talks about natural living, whole foods, using herbs and essential oils and frugality...some of my personal favs. I hope you let me know what YOU thought of Keeper of the Home!

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