Bodacious Blog of the Week: Homemade Mothering

The Homemeade Mothering blog is a "A back to basics approach to mothering and homekeeping"

If you love environmentally friendly, real food making and gorgeez photos, enjoy and you are welcome. My old friend Brooke shared this gem of a blog with me eons ago but I am only just now able to spend some real time exploring it.

Unfairly gorgeous children (and this mama and Daddy look like models!)but very down to Earth...Right up my alley as how to do things, so of course methinks she is RIGHT.

She explains herself thus:
"Although we live in a big city, I strive to keep my life as simple and healthy as possible. Trust me, its fun making life homemade!"

I love the focus on frugal living, making your own food, cleaners, etc. and trying to do it in a city environment. I would love to hear what you all think, and which posts are your favorites.

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HomemadeMother said...

Wow, thanks SO much! I am honored!! Your kind words really made my day. Its nice to know there are other mamas out there with a similar outlook on life.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)