Big Funny Cards : RATED 'A' for AWESOME !

I make my own greeting cards most of the time and don't usually get caught up in invented card friendly holidays like Halloween. You don't send cards for Halloween. You eat obscene amounts of candy, trick or treat (and if you are a teenage girl apparently you wear very small and inappropriate costumes.) If you are a parent, you eat all of your kid's candy. Just don't tell 'em! But I digress.

The cards I do not make are BIG FUNNY CARDS! I found Big Funny Cards on Sheblogs website and got to send one for free. I went to their web site and perused the offerings. They offer big funny cards, customer yard signs, magnets, bumper stickers, shirts apparel and promotional gifts. Would I send one to my husband? To a friend? To myself? (Hey, I have a healthy relationship with myself and am not above sending myself a cool card!)

I thought the current card offerings were kind of bland; bouquet of roses, random animal with a Happy Birthday greeting, etc. The three I REALLY liked were the Money Tree, the Personal Photo cutout Mother's Day Card and the Big Butt. (Jury is out on whether it is a Hippo Heinie or a Rhinoceros Rear.)

Whatever it is it is FUNNY. And it is BIG. I myself am partial to big fannies and often sport one myself so I went with that one. I had a free 2x3 card for review and I REALLY wish I had paid the extra five bucks to get this EVEN BIGGER. It was SO FUNNY and I would have loved to see the ginormous version of the Mystery Posterior.

I sent an email asking if I could customize the words too, since the Big Butt card was modeled as a birthday card and my Bestie's bday was back in August. I got prompt response and the answer was yes, everything was customizable. And it really was, I changed font, color and size of almost everything.

The best part was I was accidentally at my friend's house when it was delivered! I ordered it on November 1, and it was delivered on the 3rd! Because of the size, my friend Jenny was laughing before she even opened the card.

Everyone wanted to see it. This would be a hit when sent to an office especially. Big Funny Cards, you are AWESOME!

You could win a free one too, actually two! They have a Christmas Card Contest right now: check it out and good luck.

One of the fun things about blogging is doing these reviews. I was given a coupon code for a free 2x3 Big Funny Card for reviewing on my blog. This review gave me quite a few laughs and I cannot wait to send another one. Sometimes the same 'ol cards just won't do. Surprise someone with something a little creative and unusual...and please tell me how it went!

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