What is YOUR (simple daily no confetti) Special Occasion?

I agree with Hallmark that LIFE is a Special Occasion! We don't need birthdays and holidays and confetti falling around our party hats to celebrate our lives. When I was little a lot of hard things happened to me. I'm actually glad about this because it means I really appreciate the paths my life has taken and I enjoy the ups and downs because they compliment each other.

I did a bit for NPR local station WVPE 88.1 about Celebrating the little things last year. I just celebrated my hubby's 40th with a birthday week of big and small surprises ending in a Pirate themed birthday party! And I just got a t-shirt that reminded me again how wonderful it is to celebrate the daily, the mundane, the little things. My beautiful friend Stephanie sent me a great card she received as a giveaway pack from Hallmark. It was FANTASTIC because it made me laugh and because of the things she said to my heart in it.

Then she got a happy purple t-shirt from Hallmark and it has this on the front "___________ is a Special Occasion!" She gave one to me. I really thought about how I spend my time, who I love sharing that time with, and what daily things I feel celebratory about. GOT IT! My Kitchen! Here is what I wrote on my shirt:
In case you cannot read that (My two year old was taking the picture).
"Cooking in A Tiny Red Kitchen" is a Special Occasion!

Here is my personal paparazzi. She said "Mama, take my pitchua bent ovah like YOU!"

Cooking in my Tiny Red Kitchen (usually with that bent ovah little girlie) is my Special Occasion. Thanks for the reminder Stephanie! What is YOUR Special Occasion?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh Heather I just love this, and YOU!!

On my shirt I put "peeking in on the kids one last time before bed" is a special occasion- just one of the many good things in my life.



Kim said...

What a fabulous post! I love those shirts too.
Great reminders to ourselves. My special occasion is snuggling with all 4 of my kiddos in my bed in the morning. I love that time with them.

IamthatIam publishing... said...

Hi Heather-I love this! My special occasion is learning from my children. They teach me to stay wide open to all news ideas for living creatively and Blissfully. Open to their wonder keeps every day new and exciting for all of us-!

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Steph that is GREAT! Never knew why parents did that until I had littles of my own...BLISS. I kinda like to see how many times I can kiss PK before she stirs! LOL.

Kim- Oh yes, the morning bed cuddle...how do ya fit five-6 folks in one bed? Like a kitten pile, yes?

Iam--oh yeah, I learn what a sorry folk I am through my children. About died to hear my own words come back from the toddler when I asked her to help me do something"I'm busy reading Mama!" Ugh!