Tiny Red Kitchen: Whatever's at Hand Ruebens

(And no, that wasn't meant to be a smart remark about Paul Ruebens. Or at least not until I read it and saw the humor.)

We eat a lot of vegetarian meals, and I got an AWESOME book by the Peas folks on vegan yumminess.

As a sold out carnivore, I had to jack up their vegan Rueben recipe. I did actually look for vegan bacon.

I promise.


We also had Seven Sons grass fed bacon in the freezer, I bought some Natural Brown Packaging ham, and well, the rest was history.

Here is what was SUPPOSED to go into these.

Here is what DID go into these: Ham, leftover smoked Ghouda cheese, thousand island dressingesque sweet relish + ketchup+ olive oil mayo and sauerkraut.

There was a funny blue mark on a few pieces of the bacon so I didn't actually put it in. NOW I know it was just food dye. And I do wish my Wiseway carried tempeh bacon because I would actually have tried these a little closer to the book.

I put 'em together, slathered the bread (whole wheat, mais bien sur) with Smart balance and put them in a hot skillet like a normal grilled cheese.

Swiss cheese would have been awesome, pastrami instead of ham might have been better, but OH! We snarfed those puppies right down for dinner with a side of roasted red potatoes (Red taters quartered and stirred in large bowl with olive oil, garlic powder and thyme. Place on baking sheet in 400 degree oven for about an hour or whatever suits your tastes.)

Enjoy whatever version of these you have available in your house, with whatever you have in your hand. Eat Up!

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