Tiny Red Kitchen: Biggest Loser's "Stuffed Cabbage Strata"

So my husband and I are fat, not quite ready to roll up pizzas and eat 'em like burritos, not quite Biggest Loser caliber fat, but we are pretty far from supermodels in physique.

We eat cheese Pringles and Breyer's ice cream while watching Biggest Loser, and we cuss yell at Bob during the Biggest Loser exercise videos. (I couldn't even finish the easy part of the YOGA video...WTH?)

So last Christmas John got me the big 'ol package of Biggest Loser this and Biggest Loser that. NOT as a less than subtle hint that I am taking up too much of the couch...but because we both like them and need to add new tricks to our bag of "let's not need a forklift to get out of bed, OK Honey?" tricks.

So once in awhile, after a night of eating pizza at Greek's Pizzaria here in Valparaiso, I'll make one of the recipes from the cookbook.

Today's was "Stuffed Cabbage Strata" from page 134 of the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook.

You can also find the recipe on that marvelous Spark People website. Here are the gorGEEEEEous bacon slices sizzling. Mostly raw bacon is kinda gross, huh?

And the chopped onion waiting for it's shredded cabbage mate.

Ready to go into the oven...this recipe calls for an 8 x 8 pan, but they have to be in a sugar coma from a six dozen Krispy Kremes binge because this barely fit into my 12 x 13 inch casserole dish.

When it came out some of the cabbage on top wasn't really cooked well but we scarfed slowly enjoyed every bite of our serving down. Here is the finished pan of loveliness.

I say "Our Serving" that way because even with the generous serving sizes we still wanted to go eat the rest of the pan and only maybe use a fork to do so.


By Word of Mouth Musings said...

LOL I just ate homemade baked mac and cheese and I am allergic to both dairy and wheat ;)

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Oh we are slaves to the belly, yes? Mac and cheese done at home or gourmet style is a FAV. I was super bummed not to make the annual mac and cheese fest +wine tasting in Traverse City MI this year...maybe next year! I got a kick out of your musings description, will be reading some of that soon. Thanks for visiting here!