Owning Up and Doing Right: Pinkalicious Style

We had a tough parenting moment today and I am not sure who cried more, me on the inside or my daughter on the outside. I'm a mean Mama, but my parenting plan is to not be supporting my grown kids, bailing anyone out of jail or becoming a Grandma when she is twelve.

My sweet Cupcake Girl has really been enjoying the book Pinkalicious we borrowed from the library. We have read it at nap and bedtime almost every day this past week.
Last night as I did the final check, smooch and snug on my almost three year old, I saw that she had forcibly removed part of the Pinkalicious book. That we did not own.

The Hubs and I talked over which Love and Logic learning moment we wanted to incorporate, and today I put the plan into action. I was harder on her because when we first addressed the torn page, she said she did do it on purpose!

Oh the library was heartrending! PK had one of her fav toys with her as we walked to the library.
I prepared her that she should offer to pay for the book with the toy since she didn't have money. Oh! Tears tears tears and "YOU pay Mommy!" I explained I didn't rip the book and I wouldn't pay for it. Of course I knew I would pay money to replace it, but that was not the point for her.

We asked for Jenna who knows us and after rehearsing with PK what she should say and praying for Jesus to go with us, she spoke to Miss Jenna. She said she ripped the book, that she was sorry, then stopped. She was holding the beloved toy, "Little Big Bird" behind her back. When I said PK was paying with little big bird she just cried so heartbreakingly, but she did fork him over!

Jenna showed PK how they could repair the torn page so she would not have to pay! Jenna let me know they could keep the toy if I wanted, but I'm not evil! I figured the lesson had been learned already so we all celebrated Little Big Bird's Stay of Execution. We watched her fix the book and headed on with our day. I told Portia I was very proud of her doing the right thing after she did the wrong thing. As they say in "Love and Logic", this was an affordable mistake with a reasonable consequence. I hope these kinds of teachable moments keep her on a track to a healthy, responsible and satisfyingly independent life.


John said...

Good telling, Honey. I hope you never have to do that again, but I know you will be up to the challenge if needed.

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Thanks Babe, I really value your efforts to back me up...working as a team is work but ohhhh! We win, don't we?