Leading from the Couch?

I watched a leadership talk today on Ted delivered by Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg. It was about why women don't make it up the corporate ladder. I was folding laundry as I watched, surrounded by toys and children's books and did I mention laundry? Tiny child laundry. Laundry I never seem to conquer although it seems I am forever at it. I stay home with our two girls but have always been interested in the corporate battle of the sexes so this lecture caught my eye. My husband and I work very well as a team and any gender role rut that may exist is there more because of me than from him.

Sheryl Sandberg's presentation was insightful, painful and inspiring. She had fresh new points to help women of any age take personal responsibility for their success. Even though I do not plan to angle for the corner office, I absorbed her message to teach to my two girls and share with friends. She shared statistics on the disparity in the workplace of women leaders. She encouraged women to do three things you can learn about here.

I have never felt an urge to climb the corporate ladder. When I grow up (or the girls do rather) I plan to do what I already do now; speak to groups and encourage people to live better days. I think working or staying home both have merit. It is hard to parent children no matter how you do it. I am happy to be home with our girls, I do have a Dad in my playgroup who stays home and my husband is eager to have me earn enough money for him to stay home and raise our girls(I promise I am writing that book, Honey!) so my situation is a bit unique. I am still glad to have more positive information in my arsenal with which to send out my girls.

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