Bodacious Blog of the Week: Penniless Parenting

Penniless Parenting: Extreme Frugality for Moms Like You!

What a find! As a frugalista myself - except for Target Trips: GUESS how much this all cost me?
(Go ahead, GUESS!) I was HAPPY to find this Penniless Parenting blog. I particularly enjoyed her "Underlying Frugal Rules" you can check out here. And although I could not would not in a boat...oh wait.

Although I would not choose to follow all of them, we already adhere to many of them and anyone can save some financial heartache by at least looking them over. I have talked about Wants Vs Needs on our NPR station, catch that post in writing or audio if you are interested.

I trust you will enjoy this blog. Please take a moment and share in the comments what you liked MOST or LEAST on the Penniless Parenting blog!

ANSWER: $85 smackers. (That includes the $20 anti-aging face cream you cannot see and two more boxes of Pirates Booty for Halloween visitors. But STILL.)

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