Bodacious Blog of the Week: Janet Lansbury

Do not confuse this Lansbury with that older Madame who solved mysteries as easily as she (hopefully) applied eye cream. God bless her.

(Should I REALLY be so unkind when I myself have urgent need for eyecream these days? Hmmmm well I always need SOMETHING to work on in the self improvement area.)


Ok, so Janet Lansbury used to be a model and although the initial tone of this blog felt matronly I saw her photo today and was WRONG.

She is just like the rest of us. Gorgeously tired and wise by trial. Oh! She also presents at early childhood conferences and is an expert on these fine early years.

I am an Attachment Parenting and Love & Logic kind of Mama. When I am having a good day. Because I take Wellbutrin. And drink. And eat sweets like crack users fire up or however you do crack.

That said I have found lots of useable ideas and concepts in her blog and she has education to back it. I sure hope you enjoy her. I would love to hear feedback as you flip though her site. AND a great big THANKS to Beth Tipton for sharing her with me initially.

"Janet, elevating child care" Check out her blog here.

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