Bodacious Blog of the Week: Hip Tranquil Chick

As I headed out begrudgingly for my run(this is a way more hilarious take on begrudging a run!) this morning I listened to a podcast from Hip Tranquil Chick about breaking free from the drudge in your life and leaping into things that make your heart feel alive. We each need that in different levels, yes? I thought their "Tranquility Du Jour"blog etc. ("One tranquility seeker's sparkly lifestyle musings") could be a load of inspiration and joyful peace to you harried souls!

They also have a eco-friendly yoga class to drinks out clothing line.

Hope you enjoy, would love to hear your comments on their site!

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The Bearded Iris said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the link, m'dear! Tranquility? Such a thing exists? For mothers of younguns? Sign me UP!

Wish we could begrudgingly run together for realio. At least we can in spirit.