Tiny Red Kitchen: Lazy Mama Chicken

Do you have any idea how brainwashed we are into the whole skinless, boneless chicken breast as way of life? How many of you have actually purchased any other form of chicken in the past six months? I used to always buy boneless skinless chicken breasts in a freezer bag. Once I bought some from a butcher and thought they were really scrawny and nasty looking. Turns out, that is NATURAL chicken. Whodathunkit?

Do you know about the freaky big chicken breast growing dealie?

If you want unprocessed food I don't think you have to go as far as raising your own chickens (unless you are into the whole *ahem* chicken choking feather plucking thing) but if less processed is better lets go back to the whole chicken. I'm horrible with math, can any of you tell me how much per pound y'all pay for skinless boneless chicken boobies vs. split breasts on the bone with skin? I don't mean to soapbox here, but it is ridiculous.


The other night I was super wiped out from wiping (precious) butts and (adorable) noses and just wasn't into culinary adventures. I also am trying to save money this month for some decorative things I do not need, so I wasn't going to order dinner in. Thus Lazy Mama Chicken. This is it.

I used Smart Balance spray for the baking dish, rinsed the boobies and dropped them in the dish. Then (wait, this is the tricky lazy part) sprinkled thyme (my new favorite spice thanks to Bob via Biggest Loser roasted cauliflower) and Emeril's Chicken Rub. Baked for about an hour at 350. It was just fine and finely lazy. We cut it up for salads, soup and yummy wraps. Yep we ate it too fast to get an after picture for you. Sorry. It IS called LAZY MAMA CHICKEN for a reason!

My other favorite Lazy Mama chicken is from Hillbilly Housewife. The original recipe I saw had you slice one onion and lay on top and shake 15-20 drops of hot sauce on all of it. (It never came out spicy!) I think it did taste like rotisserie chicken, but of course you throw out the skin, it is nasty looking. Which is good for my girlish figure of course. Give me baked chicken skin and I'll eat mine and yours too if you leave it for too long unattended.

You can thank Lazy ol me anytime. Eat up!

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