Tiny Red Kitchen: Epi Loaf and Chili

I love cooking and thought I might share some culinary adventures and potential catastrophes with you. My fanny is actually bigger than my kitchen, thus we are calling it "The Tiny Red Kitchen". My favorite option was "Barely Fitting my Ass in the Kitch Again" but I do love my body, try not to swear and I adore cooking in my tiny space. Really.

I had a big suburban kitchen and do not miss it. Much. This is easier to keep clean to work fast and to cook lots of stuff at once which is how I create. Here is my assistant this afternoon.

Today is day one and after making Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day almost weekly for the past few months, I FINALLY remembered to try creating an Epi Loaf. I munched my way through several crunchy delectable Epi loaves from a bakery below my work eons ago. It was so nifty to break off a chunk of bread nicely. Plus if you are a crust girl (My grandma always said it would give me curves...wasn't she right?) you got more of that each time since each chunk was like an individual roll on the loaf. I found the clearest most gorgeous instructions here. After reading several trickier descriptions this one fit my bill. Here is the loaf ready for the oven.

I am also cooking up a pot of chili! We had A LOT of ground beef left over from tacos and needed to use it. We didn't have pasta so no sense in making pasta sauce! Here is what went into the chili: Ground beef, one green pepper, two cans diced tomatoes, one can tomato paste, half a tiny can of diced mexican peppers, one onion four HUGE cloves of garlic from Valpo Farmer's Market, shot of wostershire(tried lots of spellings cannot figure it out without going and looking and too lazy) sauce, cumin, garlic powder, tablespoon coca, and some pulp action from a failed blender-as-juicer attempt involving things far too healthy to list here and sound tasty. That might be it. Here is the bubbling cauldron.

Does chili ever really look good on the stove? *sigh*

Here is the bread! It appears pretty dark because I bake with whole wheat bread. I didn't cook it too long. Right?

We will eat it as a snack because for chili you have to have cornbread. Right? At least that is my excuse. Eat up!


kitchenmage said...

That is one pretty loaf of bread. Glad I could help. The second photo of the wee one really digging into the mixing bowl is so darned cute.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am determined to make your 5 minute bread next week oh yes!!


HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Kitchen Mage, I have seriously made 20+ loaves of this bread and forget to try the Epi. Now just try to get me to make the normal loaves!

Steph, it is DIVINELY EASY and SOOOOO GOOD. I've done everything with jsut the basic recipe- naan, pizza crust, cheddar bread, it is ridiculous. MMMN! Let me know how yours turns out.