Haiku Challenge Thursday

A group of friends and I did this many years ago when I was toiling away at a desk. We called it Haiku Challenge and someone would start with three words and we would all Haiku our hearts out using those three words in our haiku. It was tricky, consuming and TRES hilarious.

A Haiku is a three line poem with 5 syllables the first line, 7 syllables the second line and 5 again for the last line. My Dad is a BIG Haiku guy, he loves them and many of us have encouraged him to publish them in a book. I do it randomly and rarely but always enjoy the process. It usually starts with an idea or a moment in life I want to capture.

Haiku Challenge participants...just write your haiku in the comments of the relevant post!

Please email me a Haiku Challenge if you would like to be a Guest Challenger. Include the three words and your starting Haiku poem.

Here is this week's challenge Haiku:

little feet upstairs
didn't I put you to bed?
Go the F to sleep!

Your three words are little, put, sleep.

This is a nod to a highly inappropriate children's book "Go the F to Sleep" although they spell it out. For all you parents out there, no matter how polite you may be, you will be able to relate. I had the GREAT fortune to here the YouTube narration of the book done by none other than SAMUEL L. JACKSON! Unfortunately it is pulled now. Bummer. (Forgive the language Dear, but it is late and I have lost my glasses.)

Let's hear your haiku!


John said...

I got little sleep
Put some coffee in my mug
Off to work I go

George said...

I know my contributions here tend to be a bit dark, but that's just where my haiku/poetry naturally goes. I'm fine, really. :)

This one is inspired by a rash of staff members who are away from school for serious surgeries:

Put the needle through
my wrist. Push it a little
more so I may sleep.

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Now George, it is 5-7-5. Methinks your needle is already too deep!

John- LOVE IT, thank you. You make me smile. A lot.

George said...

I got it 5-7-5, right? :) I've just counted three times. What am I missing?

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Oh GWG you are right. I apparently do not know how to count syllables. Thank you for being my friend anyway. UGH.