Giveaway: Win VIP Tickets to Taste of Home Cooking School!

I love to create adventure in the kitchen. I get cookbooks from the library, from friends, I ask for them as gifts and of course find all sorts of recipes online! I have always enjoyed a good cooking show (tho they make me HUNGRY!)

I am very excited to share that I was blessed BIGTIME with two VIP tickets to our local Taste of Home Cooking School at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana this coming Thursday October 6th! I get to get the star treatment with yummy food and a tour of the cooking stage and I get to meet Eric Villegas the Culinary Specialist for the night!

He has a cooking show and focuses on LOCAL food which is right up my alley. I'm also getting a big swag bag (recycled & reusable too which I appreciate!)with $50 worth of coupons and goodies and a subscription to the Taste of Home magazine.

Can you tell I am stoked? I am taking my husband John with me...he really wanted to go so it will be a date night extraordinaire! I was asked to share about the show with my readers and to pass along the other pair of tickets and I am delighted to do so. You may have already read the Taste Of Home magazine.

You can go too! I was given two pairs of VIP tickets (selling for $95 EACH!!!) I get to keep one and I get to give one away, isn't that awesome? I will pick one winner for the other pair of tickets Tuesday morning October 4th randomly from the comments. Here is how to enter to win:

To enter leave a comment on this post.
Tell me what you like to eat or what you like to cook!

Extra entries (leave an additional comment for each one)

Check out the Eric's blog and tell me which recipe looks good to you.

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Here is more information on the Taste of Home Cooking School Show. You may also have seen the big announcement in the NWI Times Newspaper

I will pick one winner for the pair of tickets Tuesday morning October 4th randomly from the comments. I sure hope to see you there. Good Luck and EAT UP!


Theresa Krause said...

Oh my, I personally love to cook holiday dinners. Turkeys, ham, special chicken, all the fancy side dishes, and of course FABulous desserts. But for the everyday? Crockpot chicken, or perhaps a beef roast with veggies. And I LOVE the Taste of Home Cooking school!! I went to one two years ago and it was SUCH a blast!

Tkrause said...


Theresa krause said...

Shared on Facebook!

Theresa Krause said...


HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Looking like a great start for you Dear Theresa! Thanks for entering & GREAT LUCK!!

liz said...

I wish I could go, but can't WAIT to hear about it!! Have a great DATE NIGHT!!

John said...

Honey, Horseshoe Casino is in Hammond, IN.

Mary Beth said...

John told me about leaving a comment for a chance for the tickets and I found a friend who would love to go with me so please put my name in the hat! I've got a few Taste of Home cookbooks and I love everything that I've made from them.

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

WHOOPS, thanks John yes..Hammond, and welcome to the fray Mary Beth! Glad to hear you LOVE Taste of Home, I bet it will be a fun night.

SuperMommySometimes said...

There is NO way I could pick just ONE recipe, but his catch phrase,"Think global, but buy and eat local!" definitely catches my eye (and I totally agree!) and will have me checking back on his page for more info! :)

SuperMommySometimes said...

shared on facebook :)

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

WINNER! Theresa Krause AND MaryBeth both win tickets to Taste of Home. (I had the wrong date for an Open House for Mothers and More where I am saying a few words and cannot skip. Bummer for me, but great for you gals!) I will contact you both to coordinate ticket drop off. CONGRATULATIONS and thanks to all entrants for reading my blathering blog! Your comments make me want to keep on typing!