NEW! Bodacious Blog of the Week

QUICK! Hide from the piles of laundry and paper work and real life!

I will share ONE MARVELOUSLY BODACIOUS BLOG I uncover every week. Ummmm....Mebbe on Mondays? I can rabbit trail and get delightfully lost going from bloggity to bloggity and I bet you can too so only one per customer, kids.

Please share in the comments what you liked or otherwise in the blogs so I know what you are most interested in. Consider it my pleasure to find fun ways to spend your time.

"Life changing fun for women and girls"

Be sure to include CLUB at the end or else you will end up at a site I am NOT recommending. *ugh*
"Brave Girls Club is a worldwide community of women who want to live the best, happiest, most productive and fabulously brave life they can possibly live…and that means something different to every single one of us."

I LOVE their email option for "The Daily Truth". The posts remind me of my wild and free girlhood. The language they use has helped me to remember to bring that wildness into my adulthood, my mamahood and daily life. My blog "Live Your Love Out Loud" started because I wanted to encourage others to LIVE their lives well, thouroughly and with wildness. Brave Girls Club does that for me, so I am sharing it with you.

Tell me how (or if) it inspires YOU!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I subscribed to that as soon as you recommended it way back when. This is going to be a GREAT feature!


HeatherCurleeNovak said...

THANKS! I thought it could be fun, there are SO MANY AWESOME sites out there, yes?